Is your life a warm-up act?

Sam of FreelySometimes the warm-up bands are hot.

When we saw Shane and Shane this October, their opening act was a band called Freely. Its lead singer Sam was as good as any singer I’ve heard.

The opening act for Toby Mac in December was Jamie Grace. She was so good that Jenna asked for her CD for a Christmas gift instead of Toby Mac’s CD. (I’m glad she did; we’re all enjoying it.)

But is my life now just a warm-up act for heaven?

Are the things I do now just getting me in the habit for what I’ll be doing later? Prepping me for the real show yet to come?

I think not.

My eternal life has already begun.
My worship of God matters. Now. 

While I know heaven will be even grander, my worship of Jesus now isn’t merely to warm me up for later. It’s the real deal here, too.

The habits I establish now—praising, talking to God, being awestruck at his holiness—aren’t simply shadows of things to come. They are solid. 

I want worship of God engrained in me.
Not as a supporting act before the real concert begins. 
But as the headliner now.

* * *


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