A day in December

Outside my window...cloudy but comfortableThe Simple Woman's Daybook; I’ll take it

I am thinking...about how the Spirit moves—often in ways and times I least expect

I am wondering...if our own changes in attitude release Him to move in those unexpected ways

I am resolving...to finish my month’s birthday vow for a better attitude

I am praying...for even more movement of the Spirit in me and in others

I am thankful...for a fun and meaningful visit with my daughter Morgan this weekend

In the learning rooms...officially passed the halfway point of Senior year

I am reading...Finding Noel with Jenna as our Christmas read-aloud

In the kitchen...just glad I’m not in there yet—but baking chicken when I am

I am eating...the last piece of chocolate chip pie

I am sending...Christmas cards mainly to out-of-town friends this year (well, if I’ll ever write them)

I am realizing...I skipped sending Christmas cards altogether in 2009 and 2010

I am wearing...a Krispy Kreme sweatshirt, gray sweatpants, socks.
(And reading glasses. They’re a nuisance, but I sure do like to see!)

I am going...to Amazon to buy more Christmas gifts—in my sweatshirt, sweatpants, socks. (And reading glasses.) I love on-line shopping.

I am appreciating...that Jeff bought his dad’s Christmas gifts (men are the hardest to buy for, am I right?)

I am creating...and collaborating with Kay on a curriculum for a girls’ teen class

I am hoping...there’ll be no hitches getting the class officially approved

I am studying...for the class, Jesus’ relationship with women in the book of Luke—and his relationship with us today

I am borrowing...Morgan’s “The Woman’s Study Bible” (and wondering if I should get my own)

I am glad...my daily Bible reading plan skips me to Luke this week, away from 1 Chronicles

I am looking forward to...sleeping on clean sheets tonight (always a favorite—every time; you, too?)

I am sharing...my laptop power cord with Jenna until her new one arrives (is my family that hard on power cords???)

I am hearing...Casting Crowns Christmas CD, Peace on Earth, and my favorite on it While You Were Sleeping

Around the house...burning the Hope candle and the Peace candle for the second week of Advent

I am pondering these words...“Most churches are mainly audiences, and any member of an audience is dispensable. As soon as you know you’re dispensable, the impetus for attendance is lost. After all, the play will still be performed even if half the theatre seats are unoccupied. However…” ~The Faith of Leap

One of my favorite things...reading an Advent devotional with Jenna each school morning

Plans for the week...Jenna’s chorus concert tonight

3 carolers

* * *

the simple woman's daybook
...where every day is a blank page

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