Believe better, worry less

I’m worrying good right now.
That means I’m believing bad.

When we stepped outside to feed our 1½-year-old Golden Retriever Tuesday morning, she lay perfectly still in her dog house and refused to come. A panicky trip to the vet proved that Kandie was a very sick dog.Kandie the Golden

I worried whether she would live or die.
But when the vet called with a surgery option, I worried whether I’d be a wise steward to spend so much money on a dog.

What does this have to do with “believing better”?
Well, maybe everything.

One of my spiritual resolutions for 2011 has been to release my worry into more dependence on God.

So when I find myself anxious about situations and choices, I remind myself there’s a crack in my belief.

Because I believe that what I believe about God affects the way I see everything else.

Do I trust Him or not? Can I honestly answer, “Yes!” if I’m actually living, “Sort of”?

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Do you have a problem with worrying, too?
What scriptures help you believe better and worry less?

I’m writing at Do Not Depart today about Believing Better.
Please join us there.

Believing Better at Do Not Depart



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