Thankful for Christmas chaos?

Advent prepThanksgiving is almost here.
Which means it’s almost over.
Which means it’s almost...Christmas.

We anticipate the coming of Christmas.

We make lists.
We schedule activities.
We expect happiness.

I made myself a note for this day before Thanksgiving:
Prepare for Advent.


  • Fresh candles of purple and pink are set in our advent wreath.
  • Crèches are placed to mirror Bethlehem two thousand years ago.
  • Music of babies and salvation and hope play through the speakers.

But my soul.
How do I prepare my soul?
To receive Christ afresh? Not just on Christmas morning, but every day?

I begin with giving thanks.

Instead of dreading the chaos that comes with Christmas, may I instead be thankful for its opportunities?

I rejoice that, at least for a season, the world remembers that God sent His Son among us.

At least for this season, may I take advantage and more openly express that love?

So I make lists.
I schedule activities.
I expect happiness.

I prepare for the coming.

               • November 27 - First Sunday of Advent
               • December 4 - Second Sunday of Advent
               • December 11 - Third Sunday of Advent
               • December 18 - Fourth Sunday of Advent

How do you prepare for Christmas?


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