Friday’s Fave Five # 117

1. Officially All Inauburn haley center
Jenna put all her college eggs in one basket. She applied only to Auburn for next fall, and thankfully she met all the requirements to get in and get the scholarship she wanted. We’re all praising God this week for that!

2. Catching up with friends through technology
Sometimes that’s my only option, so I have to be grateful for it. 

3. The World Series, St. Louis Cardinals, and Albert Pujols
World Series 2011
Even though I watch very little baseball in the regular season, I still love the World Series. Especially this year since the Cardinals are back in with my favorite player Albert Pujols (although I like Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers too). pujols and holliday

4. Teens who call me Mrs. Burgess and who laugh and laugh in my living room
I live in the South where we still appreciate being called Mrs. and ma’am (even though it used to make me feel old; I got over it). Jenna had some friends over Thursday afternoon to watch Megamind and their laughter made me smile too.

5. Manna House
We went back yesterday to help at a local food/clothing distribution center. I felt blessed by being there. But I was again humbled by the needy in our community who are invisible to me in my regular life. I don’t know quite what to make of that yet....

* * *

How have you been blessed?


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