What’s on your nightstand?—Sept ‘11

It’s the 4th Tuesday.
Here are my nightstand books.

Just started

By: Ellen Langer
     The grooves of mindlessness run deep. We know our scripts by heart. In the routine of daily life we do not notice what we are doing unless there is a problem.
~ The Costs of Mindlessness—Chapter 4


enemies-of-the-heartEnemies of the Heart
By: Andy Stanley 
     We need to change from the inside out. It won’t do us any good to guard our behavior more closely. Our words and deeds are simply a gauge of what’s going on inside.
~ All Is Not As It Seems—Chapter 2


The-Practice-of-the-Presence-of-GodThe Practice of the Presence of God
Brother Lawrence
     Acts of the intellect were comparatively of little value. Acts of the will were all important. Our only business was to love and delight ourselves in God.
~ Second Conversation



Still reading

The-Cross-of-ChristThe Cross of Christ 
By: John Stott
     [Our body] belongs to God three times over, by creation, redemption and indwelling. How then, since it does not belong to us, can we misuse it? Instead, we are to honor God with it, by obedience and self-control.
~ The Salvation of Sinners—Chapter 7

Spiritual-DepressionSpiritual Depression: Its Causes and Cure 
Martyn Lloyd-Jones
     [Faith] says: ‘All right, I see the waves and the billows but’—it always puts up this ‘but’. That is faith, it holds on to truth and reasons from what it knows to be fact.
~ Where Is Your Faith?—Chapter 10


Finished from August’s nightstand

Savoring-living-waterSavoring Living Water
Katie Orr and Lara Williams
     I need Him to open my eyes and ears. Or tragically I will walk away from time with Him, reverting back into my plans and my desires for the day. I will check off the “quiet-time” box on my to-do list but remain thirsty.

bonhoeffer3 Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy
By: Eric Metaxas
     Even if millions have seen Bonhoeffer’s death as tragic and as a prematurely ended life, we can be certain that he did not see it that way at all.


the-millenials1The Millenials: Connecting to America’s Largest Generation
By: Thom S. Rainer & Jess Rainer



Radical_Together_by_David_Platt[4]Radical Together
By: David Platt
     God exalts God. ...Everything God does, even the salvation of his people, ultimately centers around God, for he is worthy of all praise from all peoples.


Eat-the-Cookie...Buy-the-Shoes6Eat the Cookie...Buy the Shoes
By: Joyce Meyer




Christian-Bumper-Stickers-by-Louise-WilliamsChristian Bumper Stickers
By: Louise Williams
My very own friend Louise in my Sunday night small group wrote this one! She matches one or two-line quotes with Bible verses. Here’s an example:
Suffering with truth decay? Brush up on your Bible.
John 8:30-32; John 14:16; 2 Timothy 2:15; I Peter 3:15
(All scriptures printed in full in the book)

Lauren Hillenbrand
Incredible story of survival in POW camps during World War 2. I loved it!



* * *

What book is on your nightstand?

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My Fall 2011 Reading ListFall into Reading 2011


Anonymous said...

The Cross of Christ is on my TBR list. You have a lot of good books going on! Happy reading!

Susan said...

I can't read enough about Bonhoeffer, so I know I'd like that one. Your friend's bumper stickers book looks fun! The Causes of Spiritual Depression sounds intriguing as well ... lots of good books here as usual!

bekahcubed said...

Mindfulness really strikes me this month (I might be sensing a theme...) I'll be eagerly waiting more thoughts from you!

Your friend's bumper sticker does look like fun.

Adoption Mama said...

Just finished The Road to Freedom. Reading Prodigals and Those who love them.

Barbara H. said...

Really like the quote from Enemies of the Heart -- too often people tend to go about it backwards, working on the outside first.

The Christian Bumper Stickers sounds interesting! Sounds like what some churches put out on their signs, too.

Cassandra said...

Bonhoeffer was such an awesome book. I want to buy a copy so that I can meander my way through it instead of rushing to return it to the library. Now to proceed with Unbroken, if I can ever get my hands on it!

You have a great list for the fall challenge. I see a number of titles there that I want to read. :) Happy reading!

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I keep seeing Unbroken everywhere, will have to look into that one soon! Great list! Happy reading!

Lauren said...

You have some heavy hitters in this list! The only one I've read is Unbroken, and it was amazing. I need to add several from your list to my list!

I didn't post my pile this month, but thank you for sharing yours!

Lauren from 5M4B

Trish said...

Ooh, I love how you have included a quote from each book - that definitely helps see which ones might interest me! I may have to add that to my list next month. :)

Beth said...

What a great list of non-fiction! Sometimes I wish I could just focus on non-fiction, but I know I would go nuts in a short time.

I just brought home Unbroken after reading so many great reviews. Now to find the time to read it.

Jennifer said...

I'm headed to read your review of Bonhoeffer. I've been toying around with the idea of reading it, but it is just so long! (Not that long means it's bad.)

Happy Reading!

Beverley said...

Scriptures - Just finished Into the Wild, the Michael McCandless story(published 2009?), very sad. Walden by Henry Thoreau (published in 1952). Both saying the same thing we have too much and we don't use it unwisely.


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