On an average September day...

The Simple Woman's DaybookOutside my window...keeping a more frequent eye on Kandie, our Golden; she’s turning into a big digger

I am thinking...about Mama. Tomorrow is exactly 1 year since she died

I am discovering...I’ll never stop missing her. It seems like 10 years since I’ve talked with her, yet only like yesterday

I am praying...that Patti’s house won’t burn down in the Texas wildfires!

I am creating...a book review for Katie & Lara’s new eBook Savoring Living Water (I’ll have a copy for a giveaway next week!)

I am reading...Bonhoeffer, Spiritual Depression, and Radical Together.

I am planning...my fall reading list for Fall into Reading 2011 at Callapidder Days.

I am thankful for...19 years with Jeff

I am appreciating...that Jeff continues to pray with me night after night

I am wondering...if our church will do anything different this Sunday for 9/11

I am going...to a new Bible class tonight on Joshua that promises to be interactive (hoping...)

I am excited about...tracking down some new worship songs I heard at Ethos Sunday night.

I am reminding myself...that my primary joy shouldn’t be in how God uses me (or not), but rather that I’m his (Luke 10:17-20) (also heard at Ethos)

I am pondering these words...“Would you rather be needed or loved?” (yet another thought from Ethos)

In the learning rooms...senior year is in full swing

I am reviewing...ancient history with Jenna for her online college class (she’s taking it quite seriously)

I am hoping...that Jenna gets 1 more point on her ACT this Saturday

In the kitchen...trying to eat healthier this week to make up for last week (can it work that way?)

I am resolving...to get Morgan’s “wedding gift” room (ex-bedroom) straightened up for her & Fuller’s visit soon (which will seem weird to house my daughter and a boy in the same room, just sayin’)

I am sending...a copy of the wedding DVD to Morgan’s m-i-l

I am wearing...red Alabama tornado relief shirt, blue jeans, tennis shoes

I am tired of...having to baby my 2nd laptop cord of late and my A.D.D. battery

One of my favorite things...college football season and our Chandler Brooks’s successful onside kick for Auburn last Saturday. (Our family had supper with him and his roommate a couple years ago and he made a huge impression on me for his hospitality to us)

A picture to share...
Do you watch American Pickers? Jeff loves it; he’s quite a picker himself.

We visited Mike Wolfe’s Nashville store last Friday “Antique Archaeology.” It was very interesting.

jeff-at-antique-archaeology * * *

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Dianna said...

Will be praying for you during this week, Lisa, as you remember the passing of your dear momma.

Love and hugs, my friend.

Lisa notes... said...

Thank you, sweet friend. You were such a help getting me through that time. I still keep the poem “In the Midst” on my dresser and the beautiful plate about singing on my piano and Michelle’s devotionals on my bookshelf, all from you.
Love you too,

Barbara H. said...

It's true, you never get over missing your mom. Will be praying for you through this time.

Your mention of it being weird housing your daughter and son-in-law in the same room reminded me of spending our second night of marriage at my house in my room -- we'd spent the first night in a hotel and went home the next day to load up my things in a U-haul for our move halfway across the country. But then we had car trouble and had to stay at home because we had no more money for hotels. That felt SO awkward!

Amen to your reminder about joy.

Stephani said...

Always enjoy reading your daybook Lisa! I'm praying some vivid sweet memories of your mom will come to mind this week! ~ On a side note. Mom and dad are still in independent living at the transitional living center where they live, but Mom has begun going to physical therapy 3 times a week, and while she is there, the nurses take dad to a memory care class. We're doing what we can to keep them as independent as possible. Have a great remainder of the week!

Rebecca said...

Praying for you! I know how hard the first anniversary of a parent's death can be.

Floyd said...

Wonderful thoughts from a warm soul. My dad's one year since being called home by God was May 7th. Life isn't the same without him...
God's holding up my mom pretty well. I think God has really used writing to deal deeply in heart with the change. Hope it's the same for you...
Praying for you today.

Craig said...

first of all – "American pickers" – the little boy in me can't stop giggling :-)

I think your daybook posts are some of my favorite – I really want to steal the idea :-)

And most importantly – one year later without your mom - I know exactly what that's like – exactly. I still think about my mom – and it was a long time ago – every time I fold a towel in threes instead of haves I smile. Only good memories. I have prayed that you would have some good memories tomorrow.

God bless you Lisa

Trisha said...

Oh, Lisa, I am praying for you!! I know I don't know your pain, but it seems to me that the grief sometimes rises as time goes by...just today I saw a man on the street who reminded me of my Dad, and I just got teary. It will be three months next week...

I know you and your Mom had a precious relationship. May God pour out much comfort and grace on you, my friend. I hug you in my heart....


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