19 little things (that are really big things!)

jeff-lisa-sunsetWe all think big things are grand, but aren’t we just as pleased with the consistency of little things?

I stopped counting at 19 little things (I could go on and on) that make Jeff an incredible husband. No wonder I love this man!

Happy 19th Anniversary to my God-designed-just-for-me husband!

1. He is first to clean up the vomit when our kids get sick

2. He knows how to successfully work a grocery store list (plus surprise us with a few goodies not on the list)

3. He apologizes that he snores

4. He puts his dirty clothes in the hamper, including socks and underwear

5. He wants to kiss me the second he gets home from work

6. He remembers to open the dishwasher when it stops so the dishes can air-dry

7. He rubs my back almost every night AND says he could do it for hours on end

8. He gets a stain out of the carpet better than me (and with a lot less whining)

9. He donates almost all the bookshelf space to me

10. He wants to get in bed at the exact time I do every night

11. He carries my bags and books (and bags of books) whether they’re heavy or not

12. He always drives so I can read in the car

13. He calls his mom and dad several times a week because he wants to

14. He tells me I’m beautiful even when I know I’m not

15. He can cry when he’s deeply touched

16. He always smiles to friends and strangers at the front door of church

17. He ends every e-mail to me with “I love you!” (including the exclamation point!)

18. He knows how to say “I’m sorry”

19. He prays with me every night (our precious new habit since March)

I love you, Baby! Thanks for making it so easy to do.

jeff-and-lisa* * *

# 354—372

And so I add 19 more gifts of grace from God to me. I have far more than I deserve, but it’s the way God is....

What little thing does someone (husband or otherwise) do for you that is really a big thing?


photo credits: Jenna (isn’t she good!)


Pain to Purpose said...

I love this list!!! That man is a keeper!!

Stephani said...

Happy Anniversary Lisa! Sounds like you are blessed!

Godsgalnj said...

Such a beautiful heartwarming post!! Really enjoyed this! :) Glad God brought you just the right man! Happy anniversary!! =D

Lynn Severance said...

Both you and Jeff are blessed to be in such a beautiful relationship with each other.

The Lord truly orchestated these years of your lives together.

Happy Anniversary!


Pamela said...

Nothing so beautiful than a marriage blessed by God. Happy Anniversary!

Barbara H. said...

Happy Anniversary!

The first time one of our kids got really sick, Jim and I went to clean them up and I was getting nauseated myself, and Jim said, "Why don't you go out before I have two messes to clean up?" Dear man. Every time after that he would clean up the child (at least when he was home) while I rolled up the bedding and threw it in the washer. He also takes care of things with a lot less whining than I do. We are blessed. :-)

Lisa notes... said...

That sounds just like me and Jeff! :-) Yes, we are both very blessed women.

elizabeth said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY dear Lisa and your beloved!

Amy Nabors said...

Happy Anniversary! And the #1 you listed. Definitely a keeper there.

Debbie said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your awesome hubby! I loved reading your list. He is a keeper, that's for sure. And Lisa, you are beautiful inside and out!

blessings and love to you,

Lindsay said...

This is so sweet! Happy Anniversary!! Just stopping by through Multitudes on Mondays. What a great list and an excellent idea to make it!

Floyd said...

Uhhh.... I usually share some of the really good posts with my wife... I have to apologize, I can't share this one... It is very good! But the contents of truth within could make my life less than comfortable... If you know what I mean...
What a blessing from God. I've made a few mental notes, I could stand to be a lot more like your husband for my wife...

Charlotte said...

Wow, you are blessed indeed. Happy Anniversary and many more.


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