5 tweets of the week

tweet-twitterI love Twitter almost as much as Facebook.

The brevity of 140-character messages, the communicating of great links, the lack of extra stuff (like, who-is-now-friends-with-who) make it a great fit for me.

And it makes me think.
About big thoughts in small spaces.

Here are five quotes I tweeted this week that push me to think bigger.tweet-gary-thomas



* * *

Do you tweet?

Do any of the quotes resonate with you too?



Gattina said...

and I don't like them. I am too much a chatterbox ! Could never write so short things !

Hazel said...

When Twitter and Facebook are used to share good quotes, that's when I get really interested. I like Pastor Paul Tripp's "redemptive impossibility and the fifth tweet is such a good reminder. Thanks, Lisa, and happy Friday.

Susanne said...

All of those quotes resonate with me especially the first one because I have a couple of relatives going through hard stuff in their marriages. It is so true!

I don't tweet yet. I'm just so afraid I'll be hooked and it will totally overtake my time.

Karyn said...

GREAT quotes!!! The first two really grabbed me, but they are all worth thinking deeply on.

I do not do twitter and I barely do facebook. Blogging is hard enough to keep up with. :)

Thanks for sharing your favorite quotes this week!

Willow said...

All five are great quotes especially the Bonheoffer one. I don't tweet and I'm seldom interacting on facebook--mostly because I forget to log on.

ellen b said...

I don't tweet but I enjoyed all your tweets!!

Barbara H. said...

It's amazing how much wisdom some can pack into that space! Those are all thought-provoking.

Kathie said...

Good quotes from some favourite authors! Esoecially like Bonhoeffer and M Lloyd Jones.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

I am a Twitterer. I mostly use it with my blog, and it's all about shameless promotion of my reviews and giveaways - but I do love these little tidbits. I loved all of these quotes. Thank you.

nikkipolani said...

Great use of twitter, Lisa :-) I think that first quote works for a lot of other close relationships, too.

Lisa writes... said...

I tweet...as you know! I always enjoy reading the quotes you tweet. We have got to meet soon!!!


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