Dance of the Daughter

On Saturday night Jenna and I did something we weren’t particularly looking forward to:

Attend a tea party.

But since it was with mothers and daughters of our church and since everybody would be wearing hats (such an unusual thing for all of us) and since we had something to share, we went.

mother-daughter-tea-partyAnd I’m glad we did.

We chose to retell the story of the woman who bled for twelve years (Luke 8:43-48). She is the only woman recorded in scripture whom Jesus calls Daughter.

I sought to capture in words the facts of the story through the eyes of the woman, and Jenna chose to capture them in movements.

Below is a video (apologies for the poor quality of my camera) of what we came up with.

Here’s what I hope you get from it:

Because the woman was desperate for help, she took a chance on Jesus. In reaching out to touch him, she was healed.

And she discovered she was...we are...his daughter. 

I relate. You too?


Dance of the Daughter

For so long I have hurt.
Alone in my pain.
Shamed by my weakness.

Who can help me?
Why can’t anybody help me?

The crowd is thick today.
I should not be here.
I am not like these other women.
I do not belong.                      

But I see him. There he is!
He’s close. Is this my last chance for joy?

I need reach just a little closer…

And  I’m doing it!

Brushing my fingers—for just one glorious moment—along the tip of his clothes.

And I feel it.

His power. I feel the change.
Can this be? Am I healed???  

But he’s turning around. He knows.
He felt it too.
An unclean, crippled woman has touched him.

What have I done?
I have soiled the Holy One with my dirty hands.       

Who touched me?” he’s asking.

Do I answer? Do I dare?
Good—his friends are blaming the crowd.
I am safe.

But...he’s asking again.

And looking at me.
He knows what I’ve done.

I’m trembling.
The crowd is staring.
I must find voice.
I’ll plead: “Jesus. Jesus.”

And he’s not mad at me!
He’s calling me: Thugater. Thugater.


Daughter? Me, Jesus? Daughter?
One acceptable to God, under His special care?

He’s smiling. Yes, daughter.
His daughter.

I laugh.
I sing.
I dance.

Jesus says, “Go in peace, Daughter.”


Daughters, go in peace.  ...  Will we?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Continuing my grace count to 1,000.

# 345—353

hats...bite-sized sandwiches...accessible AV friends...laughing with ladies...singing with friends...watching my daughter dance...being a daughter...knowing the Healer...going in peace

* * *


Karen said...


Lisa notes... said...

Thanks, Karen. We were blessed in spending the time together to prepare for it.

Hope you all are doing well. We need to get together for lunch again soon and catch up.

Debbie said...

I love dance and I loved watching how beautifully your daughter danced. How special for you to narrate and see her perform. Lovely! Btw, I loved to hear your voice Lisa.

Beautiful post!

Blessings and love,

Rambling Heather said...

Oh what beautiful words! I love your sweet photo too. Lovely!

Lisa notes... said...

I forget that it may sound to my non-Southern friends as if I have an accent. But of course I don’t. Ha.

I love dance too and watching Jenna through the years has been such a delight to me.

Praying you have a great week with all your children!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

So beautiful!

Joan said...

This is beautiful, Lisa. I love Jesus's words, "take heart my daughter...go in peace."

Love your red hat!


Lisa notes... said...

Pulled the red hat out of the attic. Can’t even remember when I first got it, but it was YEARS ago.

I love Jesus’s words there too. Can you imagine actually hearing them verbally spoken to you, with his eyes on you? Must have been an incredible moment!

I know he still speaks them to us today, but I do look forward to the day where we’re more face-to-face.

The Message states it beautifully too (although stretched a wee bit…):

Jesus said, "Daughter, you took a risk trusting me, and now you're healed and whole. Live well, live blessed!"

Praying that for us today!

elizabeth said...

So, so, beautiful. Your daughter is lovely Lisa!

Kay said...

That was just amazing, Lisa - your words, Jenna's dance. Now I wish I had been there! I'm so glad there was a video so I could see it. And the message came through loud and clear to my heart... there is no shame with Jesus and what a blessing to be called His daugther! :) I needed that today.

Lisa notes... said...

Wish you could have been there to help me with the AV stuff! ha.

The message continues to speak to my heart too—his love for us through our weaknesses and sick times and embarrassments—and how even though he heals us now, we will one day have an even fuller healing of ALL our troubles.

I look forward to that!

Barbara H. said...

Lisa, this is just beautiful. I never thought of the fact that her shame and reluctance came from the thought of unclean touching Clean. Thank God He did not shrink from that touch, as I am afraid too often we would.

And it's funny, I knew you lived in the South but didn't realize you had a Southern accent. (Duh!) I didn't really have a "voice" in mind as I've read your words however long I've been reading you now, but I probably will from now on, LOL! Now I'm wishing all my blog friends would post videos!

And I love hats -- I wish they'd come back into general usage! Not with the old fusty etiquette rules, but I just wish it was "acceptable" to wear them more often.

Trisha said...

I don't like hats, either. But I must say, you both look wonderful! What a testimony to the grace He pours out on us to step outside our comfort zone in order to bless others. :)

Lisa notes... said...

Sheila Walsh spoke about this story at the Women of Faith weekend that Jenna and I went to, and I haven’t been able to get it out of mind since.

She referred to this passage:

“If a woman has a discharge of blood for many days, but not at the time of her monthly period, or has a discharge that continues beyond the time of her period, she is unclean the same as during the time of her period.”
Leviticus 15:25

So for 12 years, this woman had been unclean, through no fault of her own. It would be bad enough to have bleeding for 12 years, but to also be alienated from her family and friends in shame—I really can’t imagine how that would feel. :-(

Sheila made the point that if the woman had touched Jesus, under Jewish law she would have made him unclean also and thus temporarily halted his healing others with his touch.

But she was desperate. Her pain of staying the same was greater than the pain of change. So she reached through to at least touch his garment.

It’s a more powerful story to me now than what I had previously thought about it…

Michelle said...

This is wonderful, simply wonderful.
I am glad both of you decided to go to the tea party and for sharing it with us.

Lisa notes... said...

Thank you, Michelle. We never know when God gives us an idea how He will choose to use it.

tinuviel said...

How nice to hear what your voice sounds like and to see your lovely daughter dance! Blessings to you both today.

Lisa notes... said...

Thanks, Christina. I agree with Barbara above that it would be neat to hear all the “voices” of the bloggers we regularly read. I’d love to hear/see more of you! :-)

I’m glad you and Allen had a good conversation last week about boundaries. I agree with you that we probably place too much confidence in our own self-control. You’re giving me more food for thought…

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you, thank you for sharing this. I had never thought about her possible surprise at being called daughter. It was touching to see mother and daughter serve God together...

Pamela said...

So beautiful. I find that ministry with my daughter is such a joy to me.

Floyd said...

I thought that was amazing! Wonderful words, brought even more to life with the skill of your daughter. What ever you guys paid for her dance lessons, was well worth it, even if it is only for this treasured moment.

What a beautiful thing to share with your daughter.
I always enjoy hearing the voice of someone after I know something about them from their writings. It makes the connection even more real. That's a cool accent!

Daughters, go in peace...

Lynn Severance said...

Lovely on all levels, Lisa - your going as a mother and daughter team, your reading, Jenna dancing, our being reminded that we are daughters who God loves and longs to heal - reaching out at all times awaiting those words to be spoken, although internally known. Amen.

Janis@Open My Ears Lord said...

What a lovely opportunity to share this experience with your daughter. It's something she will always treasure. I know I miss the mother-daughter events I can no longer participate in because Mom has been gone for nearly 10 years. We have only sons.
Your interpretation of that moment is dynamic. Imagine being healed after all that time and hopelessness!

Good post.


Holly Walker said...

That was beautiful! The message had such a profound impact through so many avenues- dance, voice, and music!

Laura said...

Oh, Lisa. Your words with your daughter's dance? They brought tears. I think what touched me most of all was watching those little girls at the tables watch your girl spin and step with awe-filled eyes. What a gift the two of you gave these daughters. Thank you so much for linking this up to Playdates this week. I have been so blessed in your sharing.

Teresa said...

Lisa, I enjoyed watching this so much. I too enjoyed Jenna's dancing. Thanks for sharing it. I too am touched by the woman who bled for 12 years. Powerful that Jesus called her daughter. I'm so thankful that He calls me daughter today. He is really the only Father I've known.

Lisa notes... said...

I think it’s so wonderful that God is a Father to the fatherless, although I am always sad to hear when others didn’t get to experience the joy of a good earthly father, too. But the Lord will make up for it in all eternity; what a blessing that you know Him now as his daughter.


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