Friday’s Fave Five # 103

Sometimes the sweet, simple things get taken for granted.
Can you find five in your week that shouldn’t be overlooked?

1. Making new friends
Our friends Adam and Amber had their sweet daughter last week. We visited her in the hospital and Jenna took this picture.

Isn’t she just perfectly adorable? baby2. Catching up with old friends
My neighbor’s daughter is dating my old classmate’s son (connection discovered thanks to Facebook). So Saturday I caught up with Neal when he came to visit my neighbors.

Picture from our senior year in high school.
We haven’t changed a bit (NOT!). neal and lisa-23. Reconnecting with a favorite book
In this case, Philippians. Katie and friends have started a new online summer study this week to anyone interested. If that’s you, please join us!

More details here.Philippians_study4. Endings and beginnings
I attended my last spring Parent Meeting with my homeschool group this week. Jeff went too. We marveled at how many more dads show up now than when we first started. We’re set for the homestretch starting this fall for Jenna’s senior year!

Now that Morgan has graduated from college, she began her full-time working career on Monday at a new job. She’s blessed to get a job in her field actually in Auburn! With insurance. :-) Thank you, Lord!

5. The enduring Word
Aren’t you glad His Word is as powerful now as when He first spoke it? The Lord blessed us Wednesday night by working through Stuart to lead us in active participation with Psalm 136 through songs, readings, and prayer (and this word cloud).  Psalm_136His steadfast love DOES endure forever, and we can enjoy it now as much as ever.
A perpetual favorite!

* * *

What favorites have you seen in your week?


Katie said...

I love your favorite moments! My favorite moment this week was when I came home on lunch break my husband was awake (he works nights and sleeps during the day), had pizza and wings delivered and waiting for me. It was a nice surprise!

Love Bears All Things said...

I enjoyed reading your FFF post. Praise that your daughter found a job so soon.........and it sounds like you might have an empty nest soon..I remember when my Daughter was a senior..I decided I needed to look into some other hobbies or activities so I wouldn't miss her so much when she left for college..Have a great weekend...
Mama Bear

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Sweet, sweet baby picture!

I'm off to check out the online Bible study on Philippians. Love that book.

How great for your daughter. What a blessing. Have a great week ahead.

Barbara H. said...

What a sweet baby photo! We have some new baby girls at church but I haven't got to meet them yet.

Love the high school pic!

I'll have to look up the Philippians study -- sounds interesting.

You sound like me with my youngest being a senior, already thinking about the "lasts" -- the last time not only he, but all of my children, will be hitting certain milestones...

You daughter is so fortunate to have a job with insurance already!

Amen to #5.

Gattina said...

I also found an old friend through Facebook, or rather she found me, lol !

Carrie said...

Babies. Smile! =)

And what a connection between your neighbor's daughter and old classmate's son! It's a small world afterall and all that!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Beth said...

When my daughter got her first job the first word before congratulations was "insurance?" The magical moment! What a fun list! I am thinking of (once school is out) to muddle thru Phillipians, too... Have a nice day!

nikkipolani said...

Ah, Ps 136 -- one of my favorite psalms for the repeated refrain. Your fives this week are refreshing. And many congrats to Morgan! What a blessing of provision.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

Isn't it fun reconnecting? I love the picture. Congratulations to your friends. What a beautiful baby! Is there anything more precious? I'll bet you probably remember when your college grad, and your (almost) senior were that little. I'm glad Morgan found a job so quickly. What a blessing!

A study of Phillipans sounds wonderful. His word is an amazing and enduring gift!!

Willow said...

Babies are always a wonderful event! Congrats to your girl on her first job. With insurance.

hip-chick said...

I love Philippians also. Funny how small the world turns out to be.

ellen b. said...

Love that retro photo of the two of you! Spectacularly classic!!
That baby is so sweet. What a blessing...
Philippians is a great book for joy joy...
Have a wonderful weekend.

Donna said...

Lisa, your fave fives are a slice of life. Celebrating life in all its seasons!

Katie Orr said...

Love the picture! Thanks for linking to the Philippians study! Looking forward to digging in with you.

Karyn said...

Congrats to your daughter on landing a good job!

The baby photo is beautiful - good job, Jenna!

The high school photo is cute. You haven't changed much at all!

Susanne said...

His love does endure forever, praise God!

What a sweet babe.

Last year of homeschooling. That is amazing. What will you do with yourself when it's all done? :v)

susan said...

the word cloud for psalm 136 is helpful and lovely. sounds like your wednesday night was the same. i, too, am grateful that God's word is still powerful.

enjoy your final year of homeschooling and all the "lasts." it does go by even more quickly than the previous years. i can't believe that my kiddos finished with their schooling 10 years ago.

have a blessed sunday.

Brenda said...

Reconnecting with old friends is always such a special thing. I love your old pictures :)


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