A touch from heaven (...10 days til Easter)

Reposting daily through Easter – excerpts from The Cross He Bore by Frederick S. Leahy

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Strengthened to Suffer 

   And there appeared to him an angel from heaven, strengthening him.
   Luke 22:43

For one fleeting moment immense joy must have leaped within Christ’s soul as the Father’s hand touched him.

This was a message from home.

Heaven was behind him. He was forsaken, but not disowned. His Father was there, somewhere in the darkness.

His loud cries and tears had not been unnoticed.

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Cross_He_Bore_Frederick LeahyThink of when you’ve received a gentle reassurance that the Father is near.


Amy Sullivan said...

I haven't heard of this book. Perfect for us to think about right now.

Barbara H. said...

That's one of the most blessed things about suffering, though we dread the suffering itself -- the reassurance that He is with us, "somewhere in the darkness."

"This was a message from home." -- that touched my heart. I never looked at it quite that way before.


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