Friday’s Fave Five

What are you thankful for this week?
On Friday’s we gather at Susanne’s to share five blessings.

Here are five of mine.

1. Drama
As long as it’s kept on stage.

performing Bulbous Bouffant

Jenna is quite the actress and we always enjoy watching her perform. She had three performances last weekend, with the ACT sandwiched in between (can’t wait to see that score!).

2. Engagement pictures
At Kymulga Mill on Sunday afternoon

engagement pictures

Watching one daughter take engagement pictures of the other daughter is exciting but troubling.

Has anyone seen these two little girls???1995

3. Successful unloading 
Wouldn’t this Cushman Golfster look cuter in your garage instead of mine? ;-)

Cushman Golfster

I’m thankful Jeff unloaded his “last” load of Cushman junk goodies over the weekend without any injuries. And I really am thankful he has a hobby he enjoys so much.

4. Typhoid shots 
[No photo; aren’t you glad?]
While the aftereffects felt as bad as a tetanus shot, I’d much rather have the inoculation than the disease itself! Jeff, Jenna, and I got this one this week for our upcoming mission trip to El Salvador. 3 shots down, 3 to go.

5. Her recipes 
Life is cycling around. Morgan gave me three of her recipes this week, all concoctions she imagined up on her own and tried on Fuller last week. chicken pasta recipe

Last night we had “Morgan’s Chicken Pasta” for supper. I loved it!Morgan chicken pasta

* * *

What’s a blessing you have received this week?


Melissa said...

Morgan's Chicken Pasta looks delicious!

The engagement pictures (the one you included and the ones on Jenna's photography blog) are beautiful! I especially like the photo with their backs to the camera: such a tender moment.

Jerralea said...

I agree about liking only drama onstage! Wow, hope your daughter's ACT score does not reflect her busy schedule!

Congrats to your daughter! And how neat she is already concocting recipes ... I am curious to see all of her chicken pasta recipe!

Karyn said...

Morgan is so pretty. The photos are beautiful, too! Good job by (oh dear, I forget her name) your younger daughter. :)

Watching your kids excell in performance is always a wonderful feeling, isn't it?

Sounds like a terrific week!

Barbara H. said...

LOL about liking drama only onstage! So true!

It's been fun to see my older boys learn to cook. One is more of an experimenter than the other.

When my middle son went to Cameroon on a mission trip, he had to get six shots, and they gave them to him all at once, three in each arm. When we checked out the lady told him, "I can't believe your still standing."

Brenda said...

They do grow up way too fast, don't they?!

I've had those typhoid shots a few times and I know they are not fun :(

Faith said...

sounds like a great week! I think it's so neat that one daughter is taking pics of the other one....enjoy your weekend!!

Dee said...

Ooh, I feel your pain on those typhoid shots. And thanks for reminding me that I still need to get the 3rd shots in several of the series that I started before my Indonesia trip. I completely forgot. What a handsome engaged couple. The pictures will be lovely, I'm sure. The pasta looks delicious, too.

Gattina said...

How sweet to take the engagement pictures of the sister !

Susanne said...

How cool that a sister is taking the engagement pics. She did a lovely job.

The mission trip is coming up fast! Shots are not so much fun though, are they?

Donna said...

Delightful post, Lisa. The missions trip as a family will be memorable.

Life cycling around - how delightful!

nikkipolani said...

Your week sounded terrific, Lisa. It's a bit shocking how fast time flies, esp when you emphasize it with those photos.


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