New things—Friday’s Fave Five

Happy New Year 2010 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ,
he is a new creation.
The old has passed away;
behold, the new has come
2 Corinthians 5:17

Happy 2010!

Friday's Fave Five @ Living to Tell the StoryI love a new year, a fresh start. Here are 5 new things this week that I’m thankful for.

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1. New calendar
Yesterday I transferred birthdays from my 2009 calendar to my 2010 calendar. It reminded me how I love all the empty spaces on a new calendar. There’s just no predicting how all the blocks will be filled. A little scary when I think about certain possibilities, but very exciting, too, to wonder how God will choose to breathe through the life of my family this year.   

2. New puzzle
I only trust myself with a jigsaw puzzle during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. I totally lose track of time when I’m working a puzzle. So I had great fun indulging this week during any available opportunity. 

3. New friend
One of our neighbors held an Open House on Tuesday night and invited us. I enjoyed making a new friend there. We swapped stories of how we came to know Christ. She was mostly influenced by some gospel tracts that someone gave her dad when she was 16. Her dad would throw them on their coffee table, unread. But she read them. And became a believer!

4. New doctor
We met with my dad’s lung doctor twice this week, and since he’s out of options he can do, he’s referring my dad to a surgeon next week. I’ll be glad to hear a second opinion. As much as we complain about health care systems, I’m very thankful for all the choices we have open to us.

5. New spiritual resolutions
I know we have a fresh start with God every day, but I especially love the fresh start at the beginning of the year, a chance to refocus. For me, I’ve dubbed this as the Year of Breathing Deeply. I’ve written down five concrete things that I need to pray about and work on. One is to praise God for how he’s taking care of me and my family, even when I don’t understand what’s going on.

* * *

Like every year, this year will bring many new things to all of us.
May we use them to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord!

2010: Year of Breathing Deep


ellen b said...

Great Faves Lisa! Happy New Year to you and yours. Love the verse you chose for the top of the post!!

Kari said...

Happy New Year Lisa.
What a wonderful list of Five. I agree with number 5.

nikkipolani said...

These are great new things for the year, Lisa. I'm really bad at using a calendar but your perspective on those not-yet-filled boxes is a great way to anticipate.

Carrie said...

I love transferring information from one calendar to another. I get such a kick out of it. =D Glad to know I'm not alone there.

I'm sorry to hear of your dad's health struggles, but glad to know there are options!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Barbara H. said...

Getting my new calendar set up with the year's birthdays and anniversaries is one of my favorite things, too -- though I haven't done it yet!

I loved hearing how your friend became a believer! I order and label tracts for our church and love to hear how the Lord uses them.

I hope the new doctor has some new insights for your dad

Melli said...

I love that idea of choosing 5 things to focus prayer on for the year. I'm going to do that too! Thank you!

I haven't even bought a new calendar yet! I'm behind...

Have a blessed 52 weeks ahead!

Stephani said...

I like all five of these and what a great perspective on the empty calendar blocks!

Willow said...

Nor have I bought my 2010 calender--it's Jan 1 and I'm already behind! I also like the idea of focusing on five things to pray about this year or doing a variation of that. Happy New Year!

Lisa writes... said...

Happy New Year! Growing up we always gave my dad a new puzzle for Christmas and had great fun at least attempting to help him put it together. I've gone electronic on my calendar though I still print one out at least every couple of weeks but part of me misses filling in those empty squares at the start of the year. You are so right, there is NO PREDICTING how our days will be filled but we can know the Lord is sovereign over all our days, glory to His name!

Deidra said...

I always love transferring events on the calendar from one year to the next. It seems to mark a fresh start and remind me of the blessings of the year just ended.

Happy New Year!

Dorothy said...

May God bless you each day of 2010.

I continue to keep your Dad in prayer.

Beth said...

Wonderful five... I hope your dad is able to realize some comfort and hope!

Susanne said...

Happy New Year to you and your family. May you see God move mightily.

#3 was awesome. We never know what God will use to bring us to salvation do we?

Brenda said...

I agree with Susanne, its always edifying to hear how others came to know Christ. And encouraging.

I have not done a puzzle in years, but I always enjoy them when I take the time to do them.

Sis said...

New is wonderful! Just as the Lord's mercies are new every morning!


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