DECEMBER 2009 Posts

Play it safe—risk it all! (12/31)
Pray a deep breath (12/30)
Wondrous Words Wednesday (12/30)
Be a ripple (12/29)
Top 9 Books of 2009 (12/28)
Curios—23 (12/27)
“I Need a Silent Night”—Then Sings My Soul Saturdays (12/26)
Merry Christmas—from us to you (12/25)
When it’s time to let go (Ch 12—“Spiritual Mothering”) 12/24
Because He came, we come (12/23)
Wondrous Words Wednesday (12/23)
What’s on your nightstand?—December (12/22)
Wrap-up of Fall into Reading 2009 (12/21)
A thief in the house? (12/20)
“The Night before Christmas”—Then Sings My Soul Saturdays (12/19)
Advent Journey, Wk 3—Friday’s Fave Five (12/18)
“Acedia & Me”—Book review (12/17)
But wait…there’s more! (12/16)
Wondrous Words Wednesday (12/16)
Books—Corner View (12/15)
“Primal”—Book review (12/15)
I’ll hold the door (Psalm 84)—Memory Monday (12/14)
Curios—22 (12/13)
“He Is with You”—Then Sings My Soul Saturdays (12/12)
Advent Journey, Wk 2—Friday’s Fave Five (12/11)
Can you comfort? (Ch 11—“Spiritual Mothering”) (12/10)
Keep Christ in Christmas (12/9)
Wondrous Words Wednesday (12/9)
Evening—Corner View (12/8)
Drop the apple (12/8)
For whose sake? Psalm 79—Memory Monday (12/7)
Where does God live? (Wk 12 Ezekiel) (12/6)
“Alive Again”—Then Sings My Soul Saturdays (12/5)
Advent Journey, Wk 1—Friday’s Fave Five (12/4)
Forgivers encourage forgiveness (Ch 10—“Spiritual Mothering”) (12/3)
Get ready for what? (12/2)
Wondrous Words Wednesday (12/2)
Corners—Corner View (12/1)
“Just Do Something”—Book review (12/1)


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