Advent Journey, Wk 1—Friday’s Fave Five

Friday's Fave Five @ Living to Tell the Story-1 1. Getting ready—First Sunday
Luke 1:39-40 (NIV)

  • Piano booksGot the Christmas piano books out of the attic, ready for playing.
  • Pulled out the box of Christmas CDs, ready for singing.
  • Loaded the calendar with Christmas events, ready for participating.
  • Printed the Christmas card list and addressed the envelopes, ready for mailing.
    OOPS—made no Christmas picture; have no cards; haven’t even looked at the list. Not ready.

Lit the purple Advent candle and read the prophecy scriptures, getting our hearts ready for a new Advent journey.

2. Signs—Monday
Isaiah 7:14

My dad has been having bad health signs that say, “Something is wrong.” This week he’s seen more doctors who are trying to interpret the signs. Signs are good. I’m thankful for them.

I’m thankful God continues to give us signs, pointing the way to Emmanuel, the only One who can truly heal us of all our hurts. 

3. Highways—Tuesday
Isaiah 40:3

Until Tuesday, I hadn’t been down Highway 24 in years. It was the road we traveled to get to Grandma’s house when I was a child. My memories are: one restroom stop per trip (if we were lucky); feeling car sick; wishing it didn’t take 4 hours. 

This week the road took us to the visitation service for a friend’s mom who died last week. She had had Alzheimer’s; Ronald was her only son. He looked so sad on Tuesday.

But because of another only Son, Ronald can have hope to see his mother again. God made the highway straight. Sometimes we still get sick on it and wish it were shorter, but it’s guaranteed to get us where we want to be.

4. Tests—Wednesday
1 Corinthians 13:12

I administered academic tests on Wednesday to several students in our homeschool group. They knew some answers; some they didn’t.

Me, too. I’ve been tested this week: can I be content not knowing all the answers? I’m uncomfortable, to be sure.

The test shows I need to improve. Not in gaining more answers, but in putting my trust in the One who does know every answer. That’s all I need to know.

5. Footsteps—Thursday Footsteps
Isaiah 52:7

Jeff offered to bring home supper last night. When we heard his footsteps coming in the house, we knew it was suppertime—Greenbrier barbeque and hushpuppies and French fries.

His footsteps meant we’d get fed.

When Christ came as a baby, his tiny little feet didn’t make footprints for awhile. But as an adult, his footsteps made deep enough tracks all over the world that millions of people have walked in them. And been fed.

* * *

For more Friday favorites, visit with Susanne.


ellen b. said...

I love how you intertwined the happenings in your life right now to our spiritual journey. Blessings on your weekend...

Debbie said...

What a clever post Lisa. I enjoyed reading your list and also how you related them back to Jesus.

Hugs to you,

Anonymous said...

I love how you did this. How inspiring this is. I hope you dad will be okay :) Well done my friend and thanks for stopping by my playground. Much appreciated. Have a wonderful weekend ahead :)

elizabeth said...

Your posts are always so inspiring to me. I love that you can parallel everyday things to Biblical things - that is a true gift.

Hazel said...

You're amazing at the way you integrate faith with life occurences. Like Ronald, The Only Son will be a nice reassurance for me too I guess - when my mother goes. I just hope not soon. I'm an only child and I'm horrified at the thought of burying a parent.

Ah, but getting ready for a christmassy atmosphere: piano books, CDs and planning events - that's really exciting!

Marg said...

Thank-you for your on-going journal as you discover your Fave Fives. I love your style of putting things together. It's wonderful to prepare our hearts for this Advent Season.

Brenda said...

Nice comparisons in this post. Its inspiring, we should all try to integrate our faith in to our day to day lives.

ROSIDAH said...

Hi, I hope you get ready in time for the holidays and your Dad will be alright. My heartfelt sympathy and deepest condolences to your friend Ron. Have a wonderful week ahead :)

Sandy@JesusandDark Choc said...

Lisa you are so insightful in the way you can see God's handiwork in the everyday things!! Hope your dad is doing alright, keep us posted on how we can pray for him. And hope you get your Christmas cards done........LOL! I am the same this year.

Lisa notes... said...

Thanks, all, for the prayers for Ronald and for my dad.

Hopefully my dad will find out results from his tests next week and get a diagnosis, and they can begin a plan for helping him feel better. That should help my mom, too--her dementia prevents her from understanding everything, but she worries that Daddy is not the ball of fire he usually is.

In the meantime, I'm praying to find contentment in The Father in the midst of the unknown. God is so good and faithful--that we can always know.

Susanne said...

I love the way you wrote this five!

I'm definitely in the choosing to trust and uncomfortable mode right now too. But I think if our faith was never tested then we'd never really know if our faith was real and it would never have a chance to grow. Right?

Praying for your Dad!

nikkipolani said...

A wonderful way to incorporate the daily events of your life into spiritual truths. Hoping those signs will point to an accurate diagnosis for your dad.

Willow said...

I agree with everyone else that the way you wrote this post, intertwining your life with life lessons, was a great way to look at your (and our) week.

Hoping your dad gets appropriate health help...

Karen said...

I love how you mentioned about Christ's footsteps. That was beautiful! I hope your dad is doing o.k. I pray the Lord will guide his doctors and give them wisdom to help him. God bless, Karen

Kari said...

I enjoyed reading this five Lisa. You are great at writing these, but even more wonderful and such a blessing to me is that God is in everything. Every part of your life and that is just a blessing to read. thanks for sharing.

Will be thinking of your Dad.


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