Breakfast at Hardee’s (Nov 21 – Thanks)

November of Thanks 21 at 'Rebecca Writes' When I was growing up, my family rarely ate out. The only times I remember were when we were returning from Mississippi. Daddy would stop at Burger Chef in Decatur and we’d all get to fix our own burger.

But don’t think I was deprived. My mother was a great cook—and far more disciplined than me to spend her day in the kitchen. She fed us well and we never lacked for food.

So it seems very odd to me that this same family now has a new tradition:
Eating breakfast at Hardee’s every Saturday morning.

It started with just my parents and my aunt and uncle. Then my brother and s-i-l joined the crowd. But we sisters started feeling left out of the party, so we’ve joined, too.

And suddenly, a family tradition is born.

We often separate into women at one table and men at another. We catch up on the latest family news. Today’s news was preliminary test findings about my dad’s health. We’re trying to help each other not worry about it.

Today’s breakfast was particularly unusual though because we’re getting back together again tonight (at our baby sister’s house) to eat our Thanksgiving meal.

I guess we just can’t get enough of each other. Or maybe it’s the food… Whichever, I’m thankful.


Dorothy said...

That's sounds like a great tradition! We generally go to Caribou Coffee every Saturday morning for a scone and tea or coffee. But its only Andy, Emily and me. An extended family gathering like that, I can only imagine!

Elle said...

We're a Cracker Barrel family. Not every week. Not even every month. But when together, the extended lot, it's off to the Barrel we go.


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