Another year with him (Nov 18 – Thanks)

November of Thanks 18 at 'Rebecca Writes' Today I give thanks for another year with the best husband in the world.

Since last November 18, we . . .

  • drove to Iowa and back
  • attended chorus concerts and ballet recitals
  • fidgeted in waiting rooms for good news/bad news
  • celebrated our 17th Christmas together
  • fell asleep during our 17th New Years’ Eve
  • witnessed Lauren marry Nathan, and Whit marry Grant
  • sent Uncle Holmes back Home
  • cocooned incredible weeks in Denver and Cape Canaveral and Chicago
  • hosted meals and sleepovers and a 14th birthday party
  • worshipped together at Stream Franklin and Summer Celebration
  • visited various Silvers in the hospital
  • bought a bigger bed
  • got a daughter engaged
  • returned all four to a Florida beach 
  • buried the best dog in the world
  • survived heat and cold at Jordan-Hare
  • traveled back and forth to Central a million times

    . . . and
talked and
laughed and
fussed and
kissed and
cried and
forgiven and
prayed and 

Thanks for another year to love you
and be loved by you.
I never dreamed it could be this good.

Happy Birthday, Jeff!
I love you,

birthday boy


Elle said...

I'm an L married to a J as well. What a sweet tribute to your guy.

Kay said...

That IS a really nice tribute - wish I had your way with words. You've had quite a year... and you are blessed to be married to a very wonderful man. Tell him Happy Birthday for me! :)


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