What’s on your nightstand? - September

On the 4th Tuesday of each month, Jennifer at 5 Minutes for Books asks, “What’s on your nightstand?”Nightstand_September

Here are five books I want to finish in the next few weeks, along with their first and last chapter title.

1.The Time Paradox
By Philip Zimbardo and John Boyd
(I am loving this book! Very interesting.)

Chapter 1 Why Time Matters
Chapter 12Out of Time

2.  Spiritual Mothering
By Susan Hunt

Chapter 1 Our Reference Point
Chapter 12Staying…and Separating

3. Click
By Bill Tancer

Chapter 1PCC—Porn, Pills, and Casinos (ummm…it’s not ABOUT those things…)
Chapter 11Super-Connectors and Predicting the Next Rock Star

4. iBrain
By Gary Small and Gigi Vorgan

Chapter 1Your Brain is Evolving Right Now
Chapter 9 Bridging the Brain Gap: Technology and the Future Brain

5. Find Your Strongest Life
By Marcus Buckingham

Chapter 1One Workshop, One Show, One Hundred Thousand Questions: What do all women want to know?
Chapter 14 Back in the Boat


morninglight mama said...

I've been interested in reading Click, as well. Gotta love those chapter titles, huh?


Barbara H. said...

I'll be interested to hear what you think about Spiritual Mothering. I haven't read it, but my first exposure to Hunt has been a couple of chapters in the book Becoming God's True Woman edited by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

Carrie said...

Spiritual Mothering is one I read some time ago and have been wanting to re-read.

Finding Your Strongest Life also has some appeal.

Your book list looks like fun to me! Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Sounds like quite an interesting list -- some pretty heavy thinking will be going on this month!


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