Curios - 16

curios_online 1. Free audio book – Crazy Love
Each month, ChristianAudio gives away free downloads for a new Christian book. This month’s offer is Crazy Love by Francis Chan. It’s a great listen – check it out here.

2. C. S. Lewis – the other half
We can finally get to know his wife better. Joy Davidman’s letters and autobiography are now in print.

3. Why dream big?
It’s not why you think. Read Mark Batterson’s short post here.

4. The Bridge of Grace – is it strong enough?
Can it bear all the weight you put on it? Read about it here as a matter of First Importance.

5. Angry? Don’t sin!
Do you have this licked? Me neither. Listen and/or read here as John Piper gives us clues about this mystery. 

6. Take a road trip – the National Debt
If you dare, take at ride on the fast track of governmental spending. But hold on tight; it’s frightening.

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lynn said...


Thanks for spreading good news - esp. the book ed. by Don King on the life and letters of Joy Davidman, I have a couple of her books but this will expand my collection of C.S. Lewis books and other books about him. Joy was truly so gifted in her own right and many of we Lewis' fans will want to get this new book!


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