John 16

Read_the_chapter_text_here Questions
16a. How are you at saying good-bye?
16b. What are some functions of the Holy Spirit?

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What's happening in John 16?
vv 1-15 The work of the Holy Spirit
vv 16-24 Your sorrow will turn to joy
vv 25-33 I have overcome the world


Lisa notes... said...

I prefer short good-byes to long drawn-out, painful ones. If it has to be done, gently say all that needs to be said, then rip off the band-aid.

The Holy Spirit comforts, informs, convicts, guides, clarifies, produces fruit, gives gifts, intercedes...

Joh 16:8-9 "And when he comes, he will convict the world...concerning sin, because they do not believe in me." (ESV)

Joh 16:9 "He'll show them that their refusal to believe in me is their basic sin." (The Message)

A lack of belief = sin.

Sometimes in our skeptical age, we elevate "suspending belief" as a sign of intelligence, one who cannot be easily swayed. But when the evidence is in (and it is), not believing in Jesus is dangerous and he calls it sinful (misses the mark).

Believe him now, or believe him later, but eventually all will believe him. (Note to self: keep believing him now! It's better all the way around!)

Jeff said...

16a I like good-byes to go quick and not drag out.

16b Not sure it is the same today as it is in "Jesus" time. Don't really understand how we use HS today.

Lynn said...

16a. There are so many levels of "goodbyes". Some are understandable and those I get over fairly well. Goodbyes that are forced and not mutual are the hardest for me esp. when reasons can never be discussed.

16b. The Holy Spirit is God dwelling within me and my comfort and counselor and sustainer and......everything.


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