John 15

15a. Have you ever attended someone else’s family/school reunion? How did you feel there?

15b. How do you handle people who are religious but not godly?

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What's happening in John 15?
vv 1-17 The vine and the branches
vv 18-27 The hatred of the world


Jeff said...

15a Yes, I felt a little out of place at a class reunion, but family reunion was entirely different. Lisa's family treated me like I had been in the family my entire life.

15b It is annoying at times, but it at times helps me to look inward and check myself to not let myself get caught up in the world and not let Jesus be inward.

Lisa notes... said...

I’m uncomfortable at somebody else’s reunion if I don’t the people, and don’t know the inside stories that everybody shares. Okay, so I’m also a little bored under those circumstances, too, for the same reasons. ;-) But I’ve never felt excluded by the people themselves; most people are pretty understanding and nice.

And by God’s grace, I’ve discovered that I usually make a new friend along the way that is very interesting to talk to and that I have common interests with.

I have a harder time with those who profess to be religious but don’t live it, than those who don’t profess it at all. I like authenticity; otherwise, how can you have a relationship? You never know who the other person really is. In time, that wears thin for me.

Reading about the vine and branches:
In working with real plants, I still struggle with pruning. My head knows it’s useful in the long run, but I hate to cut back something that might still have at least a little green on it. I’m thankful that God keeps the bigger picture in mind more than I do. I’d have all kinds of immature and unproductive sucker branches growing in many areas of my life if he didn’t prune me back occasionally.

Lynn said...

15a. I've never attended anyone elses' family's reunion. Only once have I been a date of someone going to his high school 20 year reunion. I enjoyed it. We were with another couple we knew so conversation was easy even though not knowing the others in attendance.

15b. It depends on the context. Folks spouting off on TV where I am only a viewer is one setting but in a group or one on one, I will take my cues from the level at which they seem to really want to talk about their spirituality. Being a "jesus" person, I am always wanting to share about a personal relationship with Him. Most often this can be shared from my life experiences and all people can join in when that is a focus. On the other hand, some people who postulate for the sake of show and have no interest in dialogue are ones I do not usually engage in dialogue.

Lynn said...

P.S. Meant to add this from THE MESSAGE -

"I've loved you the way my Father has loved me. Make yourselves at home in my love”. vs. 9

"at home in His love" the sound of that message

Lisa notes... said...

"Most often this can be shared from my life experiences and all people can join in when that is a focus."

I like your approach. It's interesting and relevant; it draws people in, in a non-threatening way.

Yes, "make yourselves at home in His love" rings out beautifully to me, too. We are blessed to have a God who WANTS to be personal with us!


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