Curios - 14


1. Is your day right now as amazing as this one? Think twice before you answer.


2. If you think reading fiction is a waste of time, you better read this. (It’s non-fiction.) 

3. Is God living up to his promises in your life? Should he get the benefit of the doubt?

4. These are the people who go to megachurches. Do you fit the profile?


5. What do you think causes a plane crash? Here’s why they really happen.

6. Read what this atheist says about abortion.


Gale Ebie said...

We attended a megachurch, over 8,000 at two campuses, for many years till we moved. We now attend a little country church with about 75. We have never been so loved and accepted in any church as this.

Every detail in the article is correct There are many good things and many negative things about megachurches. Almost every ministry in the city I lived had members of the church leading or at least volunteering there. There is a large majority who only attend the hour service and never have contact with anyone during the week, but there are many who do much work.

Whenever we asked other members where they came from, the answer almost always was they came from other churches that had disputes or splits, etc. and almost always were workers in the other church.

Lisa notes... said...

Thanks for sharing your first-hand experience here. It's very interesting. Yes, good and bad everywhere we go.

I'm glad you've found such a loving church. It reminds me of my grandparents' church that I would visit when I was a child. It was small, but the people really took care of each other.

Brenda said...

#2- I heard a preacher on TV this very morning say that he devours books with a passion, but never fiction "because it's a waste of time". I was a bit offended, actually. :-) So it was funny to me to see you had this on here. :-) He also shared some other (good) stuff I was going to email you about... remind me if I forget. I actually got out a pen and paper and took notes.

Brenda said...

P.S. I noticed you have another Brenda posting on here sometimes... :-) You probably know the difference. Ha.


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