Flat Jesus

pop_up_Jesus I didn’t get kicked out of church tonight. That’s good.

I’m in a Wednesday night class with several ladies this summer to increase our hunger and thirst for Jesus. Tonight we focused on understanding that Jesus is REAL and that he is always with us.

So to help us become more aware of his presence in our day-to-day lives, I gave everyone a Flat Jesus (think Flat Stanley). We’re going to carry him around with us for 7 days as a tangible reminder that the REAL Jesus is with us everywhere we go.

Will an increased awareness of his presence change anything? We’ll find out. Print out your own Flat Jesus and try it with us.

I’ll be posting more about our experiments (and our pictures) as the summer goes on, including some things I learned tonight. Just watch for the Flat Jesus icon.

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Anonymous said...

The church I attend distributed copies of Flat (my pastor's name and cartoon likeness) and asked us to take them around with us, submit pictures, etc. I guess I had a problem with the whole rock-star, pastor-centered thing.


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