What’s on your nightstand?

Nightstand I’ve strayed.

We’re nearing the completion of the Spring Reading Thing 2009. I’ve completed the majority of my list, and have at least begun the remainders.

But I’ve been letting vagabond books meander into my pile as of late.

I suppose it was inevitable. I’ve never read straight from a book list before; why did I think I would now?

my nightstand booksOn the 4th Tuesday of each month, Jennifer at 5 Minutes for Books asks, “What’s on your nightstand?” So it’s time to spill the beans.

In addition to the books I said I would read, I’m also now reading:

1. Planet Google about how Google is taking over the world (well, something like that).

2. Blue like Jazz because a friend said it was one of the two most life-changing books she’s ever read, and I couldn’t wait any longer to see what she meant.

3. The Divine Conspiracy because we may have a church class on it this summer, and even though I’ve read it before, I’ve forgotten what it’s about. I do remember I liked it; does that count? No.

4. The Cryptid Hunters because several of Roland Smith’s books were recommended as great teen readers, and my husband and daughter have both enjoyed all 3 of the Roland Smith novels we’ve checked out so far, including this one.

5. The Noticer by Andy Andrews because I’ve always wanted to read his works, and I keep hearing great things about this book (and a great project—more later) and Thomas Nelson Publishers made an offer for free reading to those who’ll write a book review on it. Are they nuts? It’s a win-win.

6. and Every Day Deserves a Chance because I saw it at the library and it’s by Max Lucado and, well, isn’t that reason enough? Yes.


Heather said...

I've got both Blue Like Jazz and The Noticeron my TBR lists too... but it'll be long after June before I get to either of them. Have fun reading this month.

Lisa notes... said...

A funny thing about "Blue like Jazz"...the only copy the library had was in large print, so I feel like every point is in BOLD PRINT and must be very important because it's so large. Don't know if that's slowing me down or speeding me up...

And on the other hand, I'm reading "The Noticer" from a PDF file--not my favorite method--until the hardcopy arrives. Maybe one day I'll get a Kindle? Not ready yet.

Just Mom said...

Fun list - Google really is taking over the earth!

Lynn Severance said...

I read "Blue LIke Jazz after Luci Shaw recommended it. How could I ignore this great lady's advice. I loved the book. That was in 2005 and seeing your notes now I want to drag it off my shelf and put it by my couch - like my nightstand - to read again!

I recommended "The Beautiful Ache" to my church's book discussion group tonight. I keep finding great words here at your blog, Lisa. Thanks!


Jon Reid said...

Blue like Jazz was terrific. I gave my copy to a friend. And I know Divine Conspiracy has influenced so many people, but I haven't read it myself. I've added that to my list.

Meanwhile, on my nightstand:

Wicked by Gregory Maguire, because we loved the show. While the show was great for the family, the book is adult fare. I am enjoying it. This is my "fun" reading.

Getting Things Done by David Allen. I'm not actively reading this, but have it close by for reference as I try to apply the principles to my life more seriously. The goal: Get things out of my head, so that I can have a "mind like water" that can choose the right action at the right time.

Exiles by Michael Frost, subtitled Living Missionally in a Post-Christian Culture. There's a lot to chew on in this one. Dare I say this — I am working through this slowly on the, uh, porcelain reading stool.

Lisa notes... said...

Oh man. I came so close this morning to ordering "Getting Things Done" but opted out. I'll definitely keep it on my wish list for later.

Too many books, too little time.

ibeeeg said...

Ok...there are two books you have listed that have now intrigued me.

I am adding Blue Like Jazz and The Cryptid Hunters to my TBR list.

Lisa writes... said...

I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on "Jazz". Your other titles sound intriguing.

Anonymous said...

oo that google book looks really interesting. My husband and I love all things google and joke that they will take over the world one day!

Lisa notes... said...

@ibeeeg: If you add "The Cryptid Hunters," you might as well add "Peak" and "Zach's Lies." All 3 are good, clean, easy reads--I've finished all 3 now and enjoyed them. I would also highly recommend them for male adolescent readers--they have adventure, blah, blah. ;-)

@Lindsay: I can't imagine life now without Google. I use it in so many ways too. This book addresses the question of whether Google will become the "one-stop destination for all our information needs?"

I'm only 50 pages in--interesting so far.


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