Mountains around the corner

[Reposted from February 2009]

As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds his people, from this time forth and forevermore.
Psalm 125:2

I was camping out in the hotel room, resting from a week of doctors’ appointments and good news/bad news scenarios. My husband had suggested I walk outside when it warmed up so I could see the view of the Rocky Mountains from the other side of the hotel.

But I had already seen the mountains on another trip. Yes, I remember them as looking quite impressive, but frankly, I was tired of mountains.

My mountains of late had only been obstacles to climb. Or long detours to skirt around. Or roadblocks to prevent me from fulfilling my plans.

Yet, I wanted to appease my husband. So I stepped outside and walked around the corner. Then stopped dead in my tracks.


The mountains! They were magnificent.

The view was like none I had remembered seeing before. Their size and color and quantity were astounding.

And I repented.

Why had I been so reluctant to look face-on at the mountains? Too often I view the challenges of pain as mountains in my way, instead of majestic opportunities for God to flex His power.

God knows where the best views are. Sometimes they’re just around the corner, if I’ll step out and look up.

And yes, the mountains can be intimidating, but if I can view them from God’s perspective, I will be impressed with His grandeur. He doesn’t want me to be intimidated by the mountains in my path, but rather to open my mouth in awe at His strength.

While chronic pain may be as challenging as mountains at times, it can also give us unique perspectives to see God in light of His protection and adventure and wonder.

May I choose to see them as such more often.

   Thank you for never giving up on showing us Your grandeur. Help us adjust our attitudes to reflect Your glory as we gaze at the mountains with less fear of them and more awe of You.

* * *

Are you facing a mountain this week? What keeps it from intimidating you?

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