MARCH 2013 Posts

Voices—What would you say? (3/29)
The one true church (3/27)
What’s on your nightstand? March ’13 (3/26)
“Draw the Circle”—40 Day Prayer Challenge (3/25)
When you can’t keep the rules (3/22)
Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat (3/20)
Keep your fork (3/18)
“Jesus at the Center” (3/15)
Touch the dead. I dare you. (3/14)
Mountains around the corner (3/13)
Not divide and conquer; unify and conquer (3/11)
Do you know the bones of your Bible? (3/7)
On this day in March 2013 (3/6)
The practice of wearing skin (3/4)
Book review – “Simply Jesus” (3/1)


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