Links I like (2/22/13)

As a woman living in the 21th century, I will live as though. . . . A beautiful manifesto that cuts deep into who we really are, from Emily Wierenga.

Why the church should be like the postal service. In this case, anyway. Is your church well-positioned?

When you’re not sure, maybe you need to do something anyway. Jeff Goins says, “Not knowing was never a good enough reason to not act.”

What is love? This video reminds me of how committed my own dad was to take care of my mom with her Alzheimer's. This is love.

(Generic) Prayer Request Generator (ht @Adam Jeske)

generic-prayer-request generator

Cam Newton helps a military man make a proposal. But listen to how the girlfriend answers. You’ll smile. 

Wanna feel happy? If you don’t know Kid President yet, watch his pep talk video first. Really. He’s awesome. Then watch this one:

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