On this day in June

Outside my window...a bird is nesting in Jenna’s cow flower pot, but I only see her when I water the fern and she flies out in a mad dash


In the kitchen...don’t ask me; it’s Jenna’s night to cook (gonna miss that in the fall!)Hiding-His-Word-in-My-Heart

I am memorizing...nothing new; it’s review only this summer for me

I am thinking...about what to say in a meeting we’re trying to get scheduled

I am grateful...Jeff and I are in this together

I am praying...for understanding hearts all around to reflect what is most glorifying to the Lord

I am remembering...many wonderful experiences and times of growth with dear believing friends through the years

I am wondering...how God will redeem particular circumstances; I know he’s got it figured outNehemiah-Kelly-Minter already

I am studying...Nehemiah with the family girls for year 2 of our summer book club (lovin’ it!)

I am pondering these words...“We may be conditioned to think that God’s wrath or judgment leads us to repentance, but how amazing is it that it is His kindness?”  (see Romans 2:4) – Kelly Minter 

I am resolving...to stick it out with the chiropractor until either we have success or he concedes defeat (even though my nature is rebelling against a possible inefficient use of time while we try to figure out which)

I am thankful...for schedules and timers and binders and lists and calendars that greatly keep me on track and thus improve my life

I am appreciating...having a precious 23-year-old daughter as of Wednesday. Happy Birthday, Morgan!

sweet-faceI am wearing...a sleeveless shirt and new khaki shorts my daughters made me buy for myself

Around the house...a sweet visit yesterday with this beautiful child and her adorable mother

I am creating...another order with Oriental Trading for more VBS supplies (I love online shopping much more than going to stores)

I am reading...Stained Glass Hearts by Patsy Clairmont (as I look at mosaic heart wallpaper on my laptop; unexpected synergy that shouldn’t surprise me) and these books

I am going...to Georgia for a mini-vacation

I am looking forward to...having a full rehearsal in Spanish with our VBS crew next week

I am discovering...so many more blogs I want to read (this is not good!)

A picture for thought...our funny Sunday afternoon trying to recite John 1:1-14 together


* * *

What are you doing today?

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