It’s not goodness I need

I finally wrote God a letter.

I do that when I get so stuck on an issue that I can’t pray uncluttered.

What’s really going on with [insert troubling issue here]?

It started because of one thing. It seemed so wrong I could do nothing less than walk away from it.

So I was going to wait it out. But the longer it takes, the more I see that one thing is just a symptom of a much larger thing: is the gospel about works or grace?

If salvation is by works, then it’s manifested through fear of ever changing anything for fear of offending you, of getting it wrong, of breaking a rule.

If salvation is by grace, then it’s safe to take risks for you and trust your Spirit to get it right in me, even if it means failing first and starting over.

  • Works = trust in my allegiance to the rules
  • Grace = trust in Jesus
I’m not changed by following a book.
I am transformed by following Jesus.
  • Works = become an expert in the details to feel safe and in control
  • Grace = totally depend on Jesus even if it feels out of my control

Am I thinking clearly, God?


I didn’t mail the letter.

But I’m pretty sure God received it anyway.
Because he keeps answering me back.

He’s letting me know that being good is nice, but good is not best.
Good is not grace.
More important than me being good is God being glorified.

Obedience isn’t the goal.
Loving him is the goal.
Obedience is just one of the ways I love him. 

It’s not goodness I need, it’s God.  

Can I get stuck on that, Father?
That’s good news.
That’s your gospel.

I love you,

* * *

Do you ever resort to writing a letter to God, too?


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