What’s on your nightstand?—April ‘12

What books have you started this month? Finished? It’s time for a monthly accounting (which is amazingly helpful to keep you reading what you want to).

Just started

The-Stranger-Albert-CamusThe Stranger
by Albert Camus

The Gospel Coalition blog has started a “Commending the Classics” group, beginning next week with this novel. The first chapter was a quick read. Although it hasn’t impressed me yet, it’s too soon to give up. (And I’ve nothing to lose; I downloaded a free copy.)

Quit-going-to-church-by-Bob-HostetlerQuit Going to Church
by Bob Hostetler

Hint: Quit going to church and start being the church. Other chapters: Quit saying your prayers, Quit reading your Bible, Quit sharing your faith. You get the gist. This book will make you think. 

write-good-or-dieWrite Good or Die: Survival Tips for the 21st Century
edited by Scott Nicholson

I’m trying to read some of the freebies I keep downloading on my Kindle. This one has been fairly good so far.

Here’s a piece of advice from it (and not just about writing): Discipline is not about forcing yourself to improve. It’s about wanting to get better.

Whats-next-by-h-norman-wrightWhat’s Next?: Navigating transitions to make the rest of your life count
by H. Norman Wright

I’ll be an empty-nester soon. I want to make intentional and wise choices about what’s next. Advice welcomed. :-)

“Growing older means attaching to the present and the future. It’s making a decision to choose life now and a future that will last for eternity.”

Spirit-rising-by-Jim-CymbalaSpirit Rising: Tapping into the power of the Holy Spirit
by Jim Cymbala

I’m close to finishing, which is good and bad because I like the prompting this book has given me to be more aware of the Spirit.

I’m on the prayer chapter now: “...being a true ‘house of prayer’ is directly related to the degree to which the Holy Spirit is honored.”

Still reading

the-pilgrims-progressThe Pilgrim’s Progress 
by John Bunyan

Here’s what happens: I read the assigned section, then read the comments at Challies’ blog, and immediately wonder if I read the wrong chapter. That’s one reason I need to read with a group—they show me things I miss. This book is always an encouraging read to keep your eye on the goal. I re-read it every few years.

Searching-for-God-knows-whatSearching for God Knows What  
by Donald Miller

It’s always hard to summarize a Donald Miller book. When you’re reading, you feel like you’re joining his adventures to find Jesus in the nitty-gritty questions of life. I’ve benefited from all his books I’ve read so far. (I wish “Blue Like Jazz” would come to a theater near me; I’d like to see how they translated the book to the big screen.)

Holiness-day-by-dayHoliness Day by Day: Transformational thoughts for your spiritual journey 
by Jerry Bridges

I’m continuing in this daily devotional. Bridges says so much with so few words. This one thought about Jonathan Edwards had me thinking for days: “Edwards was disciplined, but he was also dependent.”

hunger-games-bookThe Hunger Games 
by Suzanne Collins

Okay, I loved it, I admit. And the movie. While I’m still uncomfortable with the whole premise of children killing children, at least I understand that the book is against it, too, and thus it’s written from that perspective, although with subtlety. I’m oh so impatiently waiting for a copy of Catching Fire to become available at my library.

Lit-A-Christian-Guide-to-Reading-BooksLit!: A Christian Guide to Reading Books 
by Tony Reinke

I never reviewed this one because I didn’t know where to begin. It provides helpful tips and encouragement both for those who have been reading for years as well as those who want to read more but just can’t get motivated. Can I just leave it at that? I urge you to go read it yourself.

tweets-of-the-apostlesThe Tweets of the Apostles
by Ed Cyzewski

Such a fun e-book. This is Ed’s own translation of the book of Acts as a series of tweets (sort of tongue-in-cheek, but also delightfully educational in its own way). I laughed out loud at his creativity with it. Note: Every April 1 he releases a book like this. Can’t wait to see what he does next year.

notes-to-aspiring-writersNotes to Aspiring Writers
by Brooke McGlothlin

Another short but enjoyable e-book. Brooke encourages those of us who love to write but who want to write with purpose: “Perhaps this writing journey is the very means God has chosen to make you more like His Son.”

in-visible-fellowshipIn Visible Fellowship: A contemporary view of Bonhoeffer’s classic work, Life Together
by Jon Walker

If you’re not in a healthy Christian community, this book will prod you to be. My review is here.

* * *

What book are you reading this month?

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