Go away or go deep?

I am such a homebody.

So when I saw that Macky’s lesson Wednesday night was going to be on The Great Commission, I braced myself.

Matthew 28 Great Commission

He put up a list of reasons why we’re unfaithful to go:

  • Forget
  • Too busy
  • Too worldly
  • Afraid
  • Selfish
  • Sinful
  • Not equipped
  • Lack of good leadership

Um, I can buy those. Any of those. (How about all of those?)

But then I remember:
my call to go also embraces not just a call to go out,
but a call to go deep.

A key issue for any group willing to embrace the risk and adventure of mission is to dare to believe that they have been sent to stay home.

That is, that home might be the very best place for them to serve and that the missionary call to “Go” might still apply, but it is a going deeper, not a going away.

It is being sent in to every arena, domain, and context of life, not simply geographical moves.

Sentness is an identity thing, not simply a geographic one.
          ~ MICHAEL FROST & ALAN HIRSCH, The Faith of Leap

Don’t I have people all around my home who need Jesus? Yes.

So wherever I go—whether in a large circle or a small one—I am to take Jesus with me.

And go deep...

  • into conversation
  • into relationship
  • into service
  • into Christ

The mission to go deep isn’t necessarily easy either.
But it’s one I can identify with.
As Christ goes—and stays—with me.

And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.
Matthew 28:20

* * *

Where is your mission field in this season of life?


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