Friday’s Fave Five # 120

1. Somebody’s birthday today!
Happy birthday to my sweet husband. I’ve been blessed to love him for the past 19 of his now 47 years.jeff birthday He’s heading to Arkansas today so when he wakes up Saturday morning, he and his dad and brother can be among the first to start shooting ducks in the freezing cold. (Hey, it’s his birthday, not mine. Mine’s next Friday and I promise you I WON’T be doing that.)

2. Kali’s birthday   
We also celebrated our daughter Kali’s life this week. She would have turned 18 years old last Sunday. jeff and kaliJeff and Jenna made cupcakes Sunday afternoon (I just ate them) to share with our Bible study group that night. Kali will always be a never-forgotten member of our family.

3. A prayer lunch
While Selwyn and I didn’t get much time to pray together at lunch on Tuesday, we did spend time writing down prayer requests for each other. We’ll keep reaping benefits from our time together.

4. Manna House
So grateful for the people who provide this ministry to help those who need food and basics. And for letting us help whenever we show up. I’m also thankful that God graciously gave me some poignant moments to ponder on for awhile from my time there Thursday afternoon.

5. Jeremy’s graduation
Oh my! Thursday night we celebrated our friend Jeremy’s Leadership Graduation from The Way, a recovery program for men lifted out of addictions.

If anyone doubts whether God still works today, they should talk to Jeremy. He’s a walking testimony of the Lord’s power to turn around a life. One thing Jeremy shared was this:

You can either keep fighting to survive or surrender to be saved.

Jeremy surrendered and became a new and joyful man, thanks to Jesus Christ. So proud of Jeremy and all who supported his recovery into a clean lifestyle! He has already led several other men to Christ this year. 

I also found out that Jeremy and my daughter Kali share the same birthday, which made the night even more special.

* * *

What’s been a favorite of yours this week?


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