Kids! Friday’s Fave Five

Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a real blessing.
Psalm 127:3 (GNB)

And they don’t have to be your own kids!

I’ve been blessed by kids from different places this week. What about you?

1. Jose's drawing from El Salvador jose-drawing We got our first letter from Jose this week! Isn't this picture great? We pray that God is meeting his family’s physical needs and spiritual needs.

2. Tattooing kidsjeff-with-tattoos
face-painting-by-jennaJenna painted faces and I rubbed on tattoos at the Fall Fling Picnic last weekend for foster families. The kids of all ages were beautiful. I have such respect for the adults (many of you!) who bring other children into their homes to share love. May God bless them all in abundance.

3. Holding Lily Lily This gorgeous baby belongs to my cousin. But she hung out with me some yesterday and we had a wonderful time. All babies are pure miracles.

4. Manna Houseat-manna-house Several of our high school students helped distribute food and clothing yesterday among the needy in our community at Manna House. It’s an amazing warehouse of clothing and food run by godly people—Manna House is just the right name! I hope we will volunteer there more often.

5. My baby’s Senior Portraitssr-portrait1 Well, she isn't much of a baby anymore. These are a few of her senior portraits. She’s turned into quite a beautiful young woman, inside and out. God outdid himself when he shared his precious daughters with me.  sr-portrait2

sr-portrait3* * *

Were children involved in any of your blessings this week?


Brenda said...

Love the pictures especially the senior ones. She is beautiful. The first black and white is unbelievable. And the shoe one tells the story.
I love to see your heart in your writings, Lisa.

Dianna said...

Children truly are a gift from the Lord...and your "grown up" child is beautiful.

Lisa notes... said...

Thanks, Dianna and Brenda. The photographer who took Jenna's pictures is also her photography teacher this year! We're all excited about that. :-) She's awesome.

SeeingStars said...

This week, I've been blessed with two extra children staying with us. As an answer to prayer to improve in hospitality, I looked forward to their arrival and will be sad to see them leave. They've both been an encouragement to me by remembering to thank me often and by jumping up to help clear the table and load the dishwasher. Both our girls and our extra kids have filled the home with laughter and giggles. The three older ones had a busy schedule, but have made a tremendous effort to pick up as they go without my prompting and to plan out their day ahead of time so they're equipped and prepared.
The younger one and I have spent more time together and I've enjoyed his unique views and observations of everyday things.
- Kim

Lisa notes... said...

You’re such a great role model, Kim. I’m sure it was a blessing for them to get to hang out with you even more than they normally do.

You have so many good things you teach by word and by example. I wish I had your gentleness and patience!

Susanne said...

Your daughter is stunning in her portraits and those of some of the nicest senior photos I've seen! Love the one with the shoes. It really tells a bit about her.

I melted at that baby picture. They definitely are miracles.

Gattina said...

Your daughter is a pretty young woman ! I love the first letter from Jose, lol !

Barbara H. said...

What a sweet round-up. I especially love the pic with the ballet shoe.

Rosario said...

Lisa, thanks for taking the time to read my long story. You are also an amazing person. Over this two years I have also enjoyed your posts at Walking With Him. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement.

Heather said...

Great ministry opportunities you shared!! Beautiful young lady too! I love the pictures! Have a great weekend!

Susan@FruitfulWords said...

I love the topic of your FFF. Children (of all ages) are certainly blessings.

I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon/evening with my 9 year old niece. It was a blessing to hear her thoughts, and interact with her on her interests.

The first senior portrait made me gasp. I didn't know that pose was possible - such a gorgeous photo. Love that hint of a smile on her face. And how fun that her photography teacher took the photos.

Snuggling with infants brings such a peace to my soul. Your cousin's baby is indeed a miracle, beautiful one at that.

Manna House is a great name. Food and clothing are such needed things in this economy. What a blessing the high school girls gave to any who came in that day.

Faith said...

oh i LOVE your baby's senior pics!! and YAY for pointe shoes...I am gonna show these to MY baby (age 12) who just started pointe last year. What a fantastic idea...the pointe shoes with jeans!! too cute!! and your cousin's baby is just precious...there's nothing like a baby! Great list of faves, Lisa!

floyd said...

I was blessed in a couple of ways this week. Our oldest who just passed her state nursing boards few weeks ago, decided to go and meet personally with a lady who's accepted her applications at a local hospital. She going after it, I'm warmed and proud of her for that.

I was out of town working this week and made a special phone call to our baby who's in Jr. High, it made her day.

I'm sensing the little time I have left with her, and it breaks my heart.

Then today, a young girl about the age of my little one was crossing a major street. She didn't make it half way before the light changed on her. I didn't move as a sign for others. She had braces on both legs and struggled to walk. It broke my heart...

When it comes to children, God designed it to be my softest spot...

ellen b. said...

What fabulous photos of your daughter! So creative. She's a beauty. Manna house sounds like a great worthwhile service project for sure. You really had some lovely exposure to little miracles!
Have a great weekend.

Hazel said...

Your baby is into ballet? Wow. I love the painted faces. Jose's drawing made me smile (similar with CJ's). And back to your daughter - she is beautiful.

Beverley said...

Three weeks ago i sent my baby off to university. On Wednesday morning at 6am i received a text message 'i'm sick' then 'i'm really sick' then and 'i don't know what to do?' I shook the sleep out of my head and called her. She spoke to me in a croaky voice, 'i hurt all over and my head hurts and my throat'. Sniffing down the phone. i replied it's fresher flu. ,Can you breath ok', i asked. She replied 'yes'. I gave her some advice and yesterday (fri) she came back for the weekend feeling a whole lot better then Wednesday but still needing her mum.

Lisa notes... said...

I've gotten those kinds of calls to from my oldest when she was in school. I know that's part of their growing up, but it's still hard on mamas to not be there with them when they're sick.

Glad your daughter was able to come home for the weekend and that she's feeling better. She still needs her mother. That's a good thing. :-)

Karyn said...

Love the photos of your daughter! Very creative shots of a beautiful subject. I cannot imagine anyone being able to hold that first pose!!!!

The photo of Baby Lily is precious.

Love the face painting! Good job, Jenna!

Lisa notes... said...

Jenna said she kept falling over trying to hold that pose. Ha. I don’t know how she did it at all.

I thought I’d try to face paint a little that day. It was horrible. I was glad the girls were young and didn’t realize the pathetic job I was doing. ha. After two kids, I stopped.

Brenda said...

Your daughters pictures are really artistic, thanks for sharing them with us, I love them! I like the creative face painting as well, very fun.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

What a wonderful post! I am so amazingly blessed by the young people in my life. From the littlest babies to the young adults.
Your daughter is absolutely stunning, I love the photos! And what a lovely drawing from Jose!
Manna House sounds like a great ministry. I'm happy there are people willing to serve in so many ways.

Willow said...

I love your fave this week! All such sweet children. Your daughter's photos are lovely!

Children in my blessings this week? My own who skype with me or call me :). My students who make me smile and laugh and bring me cookies!

nikkipolani said...

Alas, no kids in my week's five faves, but I sure have enjoyed yours! I like the originality of your daughter's senior photos. They share so much more of her personality than the old style!

Thanks for your prayers for roomie's job. It's been a long four years for her.

Brenda said...

Last night there was a little curly-headed blonde baby toddling behind me in line at Kroger. He couldn't have been more than a year old. When I turned around and looked down at him, he immediately smiled HUGE at me and it made me laugh and I was thinking how the smile of any random baby directed at you can light up your whole day.

Lisa notes... said...

If you’d have said dark-haired baby, I’d have assured you it from my adorable nephew Alexander! ;-) He makes people smile everywhere he goes.

It’s also funny to me how even little kids smile when they connect with babies. I guess God intentionally made babies so cute so we’d be more patient with them. :-)


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