Why you need to count

If you asked me, “How’s your week been?”, I’d probably have said, “Not good at all {grumble, grumble}.”

Several not-so-good things happened.

But today is Friday, my favorite day of the week.
And Friday is counting day.
Find five things that were good in your week.

So when I do that...wow!
It’s been an incredible seven days after all!

Try it yourself.
See if it makes a difference in how you’d answer the question, “How’s your week been?

1. An evening for Kaitlyn
This was an awesome evening celebrating a special young lady and blessing her family.

2. Hanging out with Jeff
Debbie’s mom died this week. I hate it when moms die. But it gave Jeff and I another opportunity to go to a visitation together to see our friends. And to go get doughnuts together afterwards. And to run a few other little errands. I love hanging out with my husband.

3. A beautiful brain
Jenna’s headache doctor requested a brain MRI to rule out any unforeseen problems, so we got up early Tuesday morning  and did that. Our doctor’s office then called us (!) Wednesday morning (!) to tell us everything was good (!). Praise God.

4. An opportunity to serve

I wasn’t happy about my “opportunity” to minister to a lady I didn’t know. And doubly not happy when I realized I had committed to it without realizing it was the same time as a lunch date with my old neighbors and friends.

But when you pray for openings to minister to people, you shouldn’t be surprised when they come. And it’d be nice to not complain about them either.

So I did it and was blessed by the woman I met. AND blessed that Jenna helped me out too so I could still have lunch with these ladies...

5. Paper doll friendssisters-and-neighbors-and-friendsI can’t add up all the hours I spent as a child playing paper dolls with my next-door-Valerie, and riding go-carts with her sister Rhonda, and nights I spent at Beth’s house talking about school stuff.

So I was thrilled when Beth set up a lunch date for all of us. We had SUCH a wonderful time!

(Can’t stop counting at 5 this week...)
6. A luauthe-wayLast night we enjoyed a luau to celebrate a ministry in our area—The Way—for men recovering from addictions. Our tour guide was 1 ½ months into the program, and was so excited about life.

We talked to several others who also have been working hard to pull their lives back together. Please pray for these guys and for those trying to help them. We all need God to get through!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So much for building more margin into my life this week.

I think God may be teaching me a different kind of lesson than I expected about what margin looks like? I’m not sure yet, but he’s got my attention....

* * *

How has your week been?

If your first thought is like mine, “Not good!”, sit down and take a count of your blessings. God may have a few things to point out!


Love Bears All Things said...

I enjoyed reading about your week's blessings.
Mama Bear

Gattina said...

All in all not such a bad week ! I hate funerals but I like to see family and friends, that's the positive side.

Barbara H. said...

Had to smile at this -- I've had weeks like that as well, when all I could see was the bad or the mediocre and it seemed there was nothing really special or good about the week -- but once you start looking, there's plenty. That's why I love FFF.

So glad Jenna's MRI came out ok.

Sadly, more often that not I feel less than enthused, if not downright grumpy about ministry opportunities when they first come, and then afterwards I am so blessed and so ashamed of those feelings.

Glad the lunch date worked out! And the luau, evening for Kaitlyn, and hanging out with hubby all sound great.

Karyn said...

You can always lift me, Lisa.

Knowing that at first thought, your week was not great, and then reading all the blessings you found in spite of that.....inspiring.

Karyn said...

You can always lift me, Lisa.

Knowing that at first thought, your week was not great, and then reading all the blessings you found in spite of that.....inspiring.

kari said...

this was a blessing to read. the honesty I love! isn't funny how we forget what we volunteered for and then when the time comes something else is also happening!
I enjoy hanging our with my husband too.

Hazel said...

Glad to hear about Jenna and the lady she helped you out with. *Relief* Funerals do bring families and friends together. That's what I like about my own experiences with such sad events.

Susan@FruitfulWords said...

I love FFF for the same reason, it helps me to see the truth of my week: blessings are surrounding me.

Being grateful with you regarding Jenna's beautiful brain.

Have a great week.

ellen b. said...

That was a great exercise of you finding such positive things in your week. I'm glad you got good news about your daughters brain. A get together with old friends...how fun. Hope you have a good weekend.

Lynn Severance said...

I am so grateful to read about the outcome of Jenna's MRI. That is the #1 Fav out of all you listed. The rest are mighty fine, too. :)

Kathie said...

Sometimes FFF feels like discipline - a little hard to do - but it helps see things from a truer perspective. Glad you were able to find the bright spots this week.

I know what you mean by the breathing freer feeling - it's just starting to happen for me :)


Willow said...

It's good to add an extra blessing in when you've had a 'grumble grumble' week and #6 looks like a great ministry to support!

Enjoy your weekend!

Carrie said...

My week was actually quite frustrating as well! But, like you, when I was writing up my FFF post I realized that a lot of pretty fantastic things had happened. The exercise is particularly good for me.

Glad Jenna's MRI report came back clean. And, might I say, I LOVE the "Paper Doll Friends"! So awesome.

Brenda said...

One of the things I love about Fridays is the chance to find things to be thankful for, even when the week has been rough.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Look at that! You started saying it wasn't a great week, and you ended up with 6 blessings. How great!

What a sweet story #1 is. I followed all the links and loved the Holland aspect. Your paper doll friends look like so much fun. Neat times. Have a great week ahead!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

It looks like it was a lovely night out for Kaitlyn, and I'm so happy Jenna's scan was fine.
I'm glad your week had so many happy moments, but I'm sorry to hear of anyone losing a parent. It's so hard.
I haven't been to a luau in a few years, what a fun way to celebrate. It's always a joy to see people shedding their addictions.


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