Friday’s Fave Five # 110

Stopping to count your blessings is always beneficial.

Susanne is faithful each week to provide a spot to give our accounting.

Here are five blessings from my week:

1. Lunch dates
After a packed summer, I’ve been able to meet up with friends in the past several days for some lunch dates. Each one different, each one special.

Isn’t it good to not only talk with a friend, but to share food together too?

2. A nice neurologist
Jenna has been happy this week to update her glasses prescription. We hope this will help minimize her headaches again.

But since she’s had daily headaches for so long, we visited a headache specialist on Wednesday. Thankfully the doctor wants to proceed conservatively, so she suggested a new vitamin regimen to try for 6 weeks before prescribing any other medicines.

Please pray with us that it will help!

3. Are you smarter than a 5th grader?
Our 5th grade Sunday school class had our annual farewell luncheon on Sunday, followed by a Bible quiz contest between the students and the parents. I’m proud to report on behalf of the students that the 5th graders won quite easily! 5th-graders

But while the parents may have been disappointed about their own loss (the adults tend to overanalyze the questions!), they should feel very proud of their smart children.

4. An idea coming together
Jenna and I had initially decided to skip our church’s Mother/Daughter Tea Party next week (it just didn’t seem our cup know). But I’m glad we changed our minds.

We’ve been working this week on something to share. Jenna will do a ballet dance while I narrate a retelling of Jesus’ healing of the daughter with 12 years of bleeding (Luke 8:43-48). We’re excited how it’s working out so far.

5. 1st day back to school (for the last time)
Even though we technically started back our homeschool on August 8, today is the first day for Friday classes with our homeschool covering. We love Fridays! It’s a little sad that this is the LAST time we’ll have this first day, but we’re excited about the things the Lord will bring this year.


That’s 12th grade.

But going back to the 1st day of 1st babies have definitely grown up!1st-grade

*  * *

What has been a favorite of yours this week?


Jewel said...

Those parents should be proud to be beaten by children who know their Bibles!! That's a neat tradition to transition them to an older class. Might share it with my church!

I pray your daughters headaches will diminish!

e-Mom said...

Precious! Love that first grade photo. You're such a proud Mama... where does the time go?


ellen b said... the before and after sweet! When it comes to facts I know I'm not smarter than a 5th grader. How frustrating for your daughter to be plagued with headaches. Praying right now that she will be able to get a good diagnosis and some good relief...

Jerralea said...

Over analyzing the questions - that is so typical of us adults! Yes, we should be proud of our children being smarter ... but it's galling at 5th grade! I do like your tradition of transitioning the kids to the older grades. I'll have to mention it at my church as well.

Love the before and after homeschooling pics! It is bittersweet when they get to the last year ... this year I have no child attending classes. It's weird ....

Janet said...

Aww, such a great photo. I have a 2nd and 5th grader, so your post is giving me a flash-forward...

LivingforGod said...

Wonderful list! Praying here for your daughter. We know someone who has been struggling with chronic headaches and still cannot find the right diagnosis/treatment. Very frustrating, indeed! I love your photos. I know what you mean about kids have grown up (too fast..I may add). You saw on my post that my daughter is serving onboard the Logos Hope in Malaysia. She just graduated from our homeschool.

Barbara H. said...

I love lunch dates with friends. I need to make some "lunchy" friends here. :-)

Hope Jenna gets some relief for her headaches.

Congrats to the fifth grade class! Good work!

The Mother-Daughter tea idea sounds really neat.

Jesse had his first day of sr. year, too, and I was looking for his K-5 photo first day photo -- pictures from those years are still in shoe boxes. I couldn't find it though I did find his K-5 "gradation" picture. I guess that is motivation to finally organize those photos!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

How great to find a doctor who will try conservative treatment first! I do hope it helps.

Love the 12th grade picture! A bittersweet moment, I know.

You'll have to share more with us about the ballet -- sounds SO neat!

Brenda said...

They grow up way too fast, don't they? I hope this last year of school is precious.

Gattina said...

Yes they grow up so quickly !
Homeschooling is not allowed in Belgium. Only in exceptional cases, a disease for example.

Jientje said...

I hope Jenna's headaches will disappear with the treatment that doctor is proposing. I had a lunch date with my best friend too this week, it's so nice to enjoy a meal together and catch up on each others lives!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

If my children are going to know more about me in any subject, I will be happy if the bible is one of them! It sounds like a fun lunch!
I hope the headaches improve with the vitamin therapy. everything else suffers when I'm plagued by headaches - I feel for her.
That's a great idea for the tea performance!
12th grade.. wow. I hope it's a wonderful year.
How nice that you got to catch up with friends, too.

Willow said...

The 1st and 12th year homeschooling photos are so sweet. This last year will be a great one, full of memory making events!

I'll be praying that your girl finds the answer to her headaches, too.

Glad you enjoyed the lunch dates.

nikkipolani said...

Love that you've got a photo of the first and last :-) What a smart bunch of fifth graders!

Hope Jenna gets some relief from the new regimen.

Faith said...

well i'm commenting late as i just got back home from being away....dropping off my oldest baby at Gordon was wonderful!! I love your faves this week especially the first day of school pics! we begin on sept 8 so i'll be enjoying 2 more weeks of relaxation and a bit more organizing...and then back to work and seeing my youngest off to junior high!!


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