AUGUST 2011 Posts

Centered on the Cross (8/31)
Telling is an act of faith (8/31)
Odds and ends—39 (8/30)
Dance of the Daughter (8/29)
Why go to church? (8/28)
“Save Your Life”—Newsboys (8/27)
Why you need to count (8/26)
What’s your passion? (8/25)
Friendly or Flirty? What to watch for (8/24)
What’s on your nightstand?—August ’11 (8/23)
A night in Holland (8/22)
Let go of overload (8/21)
“Forever Reign” (8/20)
Friday’s Fave Five #110 (8/19)
The Centrality of the Cross—Ch 1 (8/18)
I don’t want to need forgiveness (8/17)
Women of Faith—Find an event and go! (8/16)
Isn’t it enough? (8/15)
Are you available? (8/14)
“Here We Stand”—wedding song (8/13)
Be one in a million (8/12)
The hospitality of a wife (BONUS: Wedding pictures) (8/11)
If you hold a grudge (8/10)
“The Next Story”—Book review on living in a digital age (8/9)
What to do with your stuff (8/6)
It’s wedding day!—“Butterfly Kisses” (8/6)
5 reasons to attend a Women of Faith event (8/5)
How do you enjoy God? (8/4)
Mute (8/3)
August is here! (8/2)
“God’s Love Letters to You”—Book review (8/1)


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