Where did that song come from?


There are certain songs I just can’t sing anymore (the above isn’t one of them).

I may love the style and may even have beautiful memories attached to them, but when I really think them through, I don’t want to hear those words leaving my mouth headed to God’s ear.

Because they’re bad theology.

And I am talking about religious songs here. Granted, most songs that make it into our church services are there (hopefully!) because they hold God’s truths. And many songs that we sing along with on our Christian radio stations are also God-honoring.

But you can’t depend on it. Before you let the words stream out of your mouth, think them through. Are they pleasing to God? Are they true? Do they echo scripture?

This isn’t about worship wars, the debate between traditional hymns versus contemporary praise music. This is bigger than that. This is about accurate content versus false. Truth versus lies.

Lyrics matter.

Songs we sing will either reinforce good theology or perpetuate bad theology.

Read the rest here (I’m writing at Do Not Depart today)

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How has a song helped you? What is one of your favorites?


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Dianna said...

Hi Lisa,
I just got back from Do Not Depart and reading the remainder of your post. It is refreshing to hear someone else encouraging Christians to think through what they are singing. I have a couple of songs that I do as you do...drop out from singing the verse that isn't Biblical. (The song you mentioned from your childhood is one of them) I guess that is why I always tend to go to the old old hymns because they have such beautiful pictures of redemption weaved through them. I'm going to accept your challenge to go through the hymnal and check out the songs.

Love you!


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