It’s already July?

The Simple Woman's DaybookWhat happened to June? Where did it go???

Oh well.
Here’s my daybook for July...

Outside my window...cloudy and 70. Incredibly nice. For a few more minutes anyway.

I am thinking...that I’m going to have to buckle down as soon as I hit “Publish” to really get things done today

I am thankful...for the reminders of physical and spiritual freedom that I always get around July 4; I don’t want to take either freedoms for granted

I am wondering...if I’m really going to accomplish all that I want/need to this week, and what would happen if I didn’t

In the learning rooms...things haven’t been touched since my June daybook, but I must write checks this week for Friday classes that will begin in August

In the kitchen...I don’t want to know, but I’ll find out shortly when I go make biscuits for breakfast

I am eating...too much lately

I am call the tree guys and see why they haven’t been back to dig up my tree stump like they promised

I am sending...Jeff to pick up more ribbon for the bubbles for the wedding

I am workout clothes since I missed my workout yesterday

I am creating...two posts for Do Not Departone on Philippians 3:1-11 for Friday, and one on using music for Bible study for next Tuesday

I am missing...honestly, at the moment, peace of mind

I am pray more about finding my peace in the midst of mind-clutter; it’s promised by God and I need to trust him for it

I am looking forward to...meeting the children and adults in El Salvador soon!

I am reading...chapter 6 in Christianity and Liberalism

I am hoping...that I’ll make a good dent this week on the powerpoint show for the wedding pictures

I am appreciating...the help and offers of help I’m getting for the wedding stuff

I am hearing...nothing but the ceiling fan in my bedroom (and lovin’ it) [exact same as last month when I wrote!]

I am studying...Philippians 3:1-11

I am praying...that I’ll remember my safety is found in Christ alone, whether here in my refuge at home or 1400 miles away or anywhere and everywhere

I am pondering these words...“Salvation is as free for us as the air we breathe; God’s the dreadful cost, ours the gain.”
~ J. Gresham Machen, Christianity and Liberalism

One of my favorite being with family. Enjoyed the 4th with my in-laws yesterday and looking forward to a shower with the Coates’ family on Saturday

A picture to share...from Morgan’s wedding shower at our church. I so love this girl and the girl on the other side of the camera too.


* * *

What’s something you have planned for July?

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Kay said...

You know it's a very good man who will go and buy the ribbon for your bubbles... ;-)

I'm praying for your peace of mind about ALL that is coming your way in the next month!!

Lisa notes... said...

Thanks, Kay. I’ve felt God answering the prayers already today; it’s a wonderful thing to know and feel his peace returning. Now if I can just live in that rest for several days in a row. :-)

Yes, Jeff is a very good man to go to Hobby Lobby on his lunch hour (I’m guessing he didn’t tell his fellow co-workers. Ha). I couldn’t ask for better.

Donna said...

Hi Lisa,

Praying for enduring rest as you move through the month!

Lisa writes... said...

May you know and rest in His peace...

Love the shot of you and your girl!

A Gracious Home said...

I've been eating the wrong thing for a week and gained 4 lbs. I'm on cottage cheese for a week now. Vacation on the beach is coming up soon. I enjoyed your daybook. Doylene

Barbara H. said...

We've had a busy few days with Grandma's birthday, July 4th, and getting one ready for a combined camp and mission trip. Now I am alternating between enjoying a quiet house and missing the one who is gone. But that's nothing compared to all you have going on and coming up. Hoping and praying for efficiency in the details and peace of mind in all. Amen to offers of help. That's a cute photo.

Barbara H. said...

BTW, congrats on winning the gift certificate from Katrina!

Lynn Severance said...

Praying for you, Lisa! What a full summer you are having - many joys but lots of preparation in getting to the actual times of the events.

Love the photo of you and Morgan!

Lisa notes... said...

Thanks, all for the well-wishes and prayers. I know that God is faithful to answer. Now I have to do my part and place more trust in him as he answers...

Lisa notes... said...

I rarely ever win anything, Barbara. But an Amazon gift card? It doesn’t get much better than that. :-)

Lisa notes... said...

I thought an upcoming vacation on the beach and my daughter’s wedding would be ample motivation for me to eat better. But alas, I think it’s been the opposite. Ha. Oh well. I’ve been eating more normal the past 3 days though and I feel better already. Good luck to you! And have fun on the beach.


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