He’s all that. And more.

cross tattooWe all know we’re supposed to follow in Jesus’ footsteps.

He is the perfect example, after all.

But isn’t he so much more?

He’s not only an example for faith.
He is the very object of our faith.

He’s not just our teacher.
He is our Lord.

We don’t want only to be like him.
But to be in him.

The plain fact is that imitation of Jesus, important though it was for Paul, was swallowed up by something far more important still.

Not the example of Jesus, but the redeeming work of Jesus, was the primary thing for Paul.

The religion of Paul was not primarily faith in God like Jesus' faith; it was faith in Jesus; Paul committed to Jesus without reserve the eternal destinies of his soul.
~ GRESHAM MACHEN, Christianity & Liberalism

I’m not picking up on everything in Christianity & Liberalism. I’m sure of it. But the things I do get are grounding me deeper.

Enough to know this:
Jesus is not just a source of love for me.
He is the One I love.

Because he’s all that.
And so much more.

* * *

Is Jesus more to you now than he used to be?

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sarah said...

great post Lisa...your heart shines through it. ☺

Barbara H. said...

Just a slight shift in focus makes such difference.

Pamela said...

You say so much in so few words. It's clear you dwell in Christ.



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