Are you good enough?

work hardIt’s good to be good. I get that. God calls us to do good things so he can be glorified (Matthew 5:16).

But do we carry it too far?

Not in doing good things (let’s always want that!), but by incorrectly thinking that doing good things makes us good.

Immediately after Paul told the Philippians to fill up on joy (Philippians 3:1), he gave them a very stern warning:

“Look out for the dogs!
Look out for the evildoers!
Look out for those who mutilate the flesh!”
(Philippians 3:2)

Who were those dogs? They were grace-stealers. They were Jews who were trying to pull the fresh Christians away from grace and back into law.

They were the voices we still hear today, whispering and sometimes shouting: “You’re not doing enough. You’re not good enough! Is that the best you can do???”

But Paul gave a confident and reassuring answer that we need to listen to.
He said we don’t have to be good enough.

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