Just as you are—at home


We often thoughtlessly suppose that language dealing with a holy God and holy things should be stately, elevated, and ceremonial.

But it is a supposition that won’t survive the scrutiny of one good look at Jesus—his preference for homely stories and his easy association with common people, his birth in a stable and his death on a cross.

For Jesus is the descent of God to our lives just as we are and in the neighborhoods in which we live, not the ascent of our lives to God whom we hope will approve when he saws how hard we try and how politely we pray.
     ~ EUGENE H. PETERSON, Eat This Book

Where I live is simple compared to many.

No fancy knick-knacks. Or trendy colors. Or elaborate architecture.

doorBut it’s me.
Just as I am. 
It’s home

That’s where God promises to show up.

In our homes.
In our kitchens. 
In our hearts.
Where we live. 

Don’t try to fancy up for Jesus.
It won’t impress him.
He wants you as you are.


Jesus answered him,
“If anyone loves me,
he will keep my word,
and my Father will love him,
and we will come to him and
make our home with him.”

John 14:23

* * *

Do you let Jesus come to you just as you are?


Barbara H. said...

So glad we don't have to "fancy up" for Him.

Lisa notes... said...

Me, too, Barbara. (I'm one of those people who even puts off taking a shower as long as I can. ha.) The Lord had his work cut out for himself when he saved me just as I am.

Helen said...

It is good to be loved "as is".

A Joyful Noise said...

Down to earth nitty gritty is how I want to live for him. Ceremony is beautiful and I love it, but it can became hum drum too. Sometimes we think silence is what God wants!! Yes the Bible says more about about shouting and praising loudly than it does about being quiet before Him. Yet there are moments when we just sit still before him and allow his peace to wash over our soul. Come Lord Jesus you are welcome in my home and in this humble earth house you have given me.

Nancy said...

I'm a huge Eugene Peterson fan, but that book of his is one I've not gotten to yet. Thanks for the reminder. He really does have a way of getting down to what matters, doesn't he?

Lisa notes... said...

Such a full comment. Yes, the Lord wants us in all the ways we are—quiet and loud and still and messy. Thanks for the beautiful prayer.

Lisa notes... said...

If you like Eugene’s writings, you’d probably enjoy this book too. I read it a few years ago when it first came out and it made an impression on me.

Here’s another quote from it:

“Not everyone who gets interested in the Bible and even gets excited about the Bible wants to get involved with God. But God is what the book is about.”

I like his focus.

Matt said...

You're right. I'm very glad we don't have to "fancy up" for Jesus. I hope I extend that same courtesy to others as well!

Lisa notes... said...

An excellent way to turn this around. Just as we want Christ's love just as we are, we should love others right where they are too.

Patricia said...

love it =) A friend of mine has a plaque in her kitchen that says, "If you want to see me, come anytime.. doors open. If you want to see the house, please make an appointment." Such peace in knowing he wants us as is.

Glynn said...

There's nothing wrong with simplicity. After all the work I poured into our gardens the past two weekends, simplicity sounds good. Good post, Lisa.

floyd said...

The simplest things in life are always the best. Isn't it peculiar how sometimes the simple things can be the most profound? Thanks for the reminder. Nice post.

Alyssa said...

I love that verse that he makes our home with us, he comes to the kitchen, he knows just what we're about and abides with us anyway. Thank you!


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