Friends in season and always

the graduatesIt was a new season.

Four years ago.
Jeff and I sit in a room full of strangers, all parents of upcoming freshmen students at Auburn University.

The friendly lady sitting beside us—Andrea—strikes up a conversation, thanks to Jeff’s Krispy Kreme t-shirt. We introduce ourselves.

And recognize each other’s name. We’ve been in the same e-mail traffic for months now because both our kids signed up for the Auburn Christian Student Center activities.

Coincidence? Not with God.

He knows the people we need in which season. 
Andrea and I were going to need each other.

A week later, she calls. It’s a weird request, she says, but would I pray about entering a covenant relationship with her to pray for each other’s child for the four years they’re in college?

Of course!

So for the past four years, Andrea and I have talked. And prayed. On the phone, in e-mails, through Facebook, and when we could, in person.

Last Sunday night, the night before graduation, we met at Sonic in Auburn to reflect on the previous four years.

We’ve prayed our kids through serious break-ups, changes in majors, final exams, and job searches.

The first semester of college, her son Josh was in Architecture. My daughter Morgan was in English.

But Monday, graduation day, Josh and Morgan were two of only twenty-two students receiving a degree in Horticulture. And only two people stood between them out of the almost 4,000 degrees conferred that day.

Coincidence? Not with God.

Could we have predicted or planned that our two children, out of 20,000 students, would also end up friends? Never.

But God knew. Not only would I need to be praying for Morgan, but I would need Andrea to be praying for Morgan. And for me. And that I needed to be praying for Josh. And for Andrea.

School is over now. A new season is beginning for our kids. For us.

But friends made in any season can be friends for life (we’re still Facebook friends, after all).

So Andrea and I will still pray for each other and for each other’s children. Because we’re sisters brought together through Christ.

And that’s no coincidence.

AU Spring 2011 (students are two behind the name called)

* * *

Has God ever given you a special person for a special season?



Melissa said...

He has! He is doing that even now, as I've been sharing my current challenge, women have been reaching out to say, "I went through that" and "How can I help?" I have no doubt that God is providing these people to support me, and I feel so blessed.

I love your story and the way you wrote it. God is so good to provide what we need! I don't believe in coincidence, either. :)

Love Bears All Things said...

There are no coincidences with God. I wonder what he has in store for you and I...
Yes, he has place special people in my life at certain times. Two that come to mind are our relocations to Pittsburgh and Memphis. I love that he gave me friends in both places.
I'll share the story sometime.
War Eagle
Mama Bear

Monica Sharman said...

Lisa, what a great encouragement. I'm going to pray for a prayer partner like that, when my boys go to college.

Yes, I've had special people for special seasons, but it was hard for me when that season ended, and the person was no longer a big part of my life. But I'm learning about seasons...

HisFireFly said...

I love when God does that!

He finds ways to glorify Himself beyond any we could imagine.

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

Wow! What a testimony of God's goodness! Thanks for sharing it.

Congrats again on Morgan's graduation.

Katie said...

Oh I am so glad blogger is letting me comment. I tried yesterday but it was down.

God has given me friends in many seasons of life. I am just now realizing just how many TRUE friends I have that really know me and pray for me. Some are in life real friends and others are through the internet, but they know me like no other person does.

And sometimes God has removed friends so I would learn to rely on him. It took me to my knees and then to counseling and now I am so much more real and honest and a true friend to those that are in my life.

Thank you for the reminder of how God provides.

Lisa notes... said...

I’m glad blogger is back too. That was a long time to be down. It was reminding me of the almost week we went without electricity after the tornadoes.

I am thankful for both my real friends AND internet friends too. I’ve discovered that both kinds are definite gifts from the God. And yes, having friends removed is sometimes a gracious gift as well when it throws us into the reality of our dependence upon the Lord. I’m sure you are a wonderfully authentic friend!

Madonna said...

I think a prayer covenant is just a lovely idea. You can never have too many people praying for your child is always my thought.

Craig said...

First of all – Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Blogger – it was like calling into a national call in show – I couldn’t get here to read you. That being said I know it had to be a little traumatic - I'm sorry. You probably weren't as freaked out as I would have been - but still - sorry.

I heart your words Lisa – really do.

And what a covenant to make – HEART that!!! And you keep it going too. See! This is one of the reasons why I like you so much. I heart faithfulness!!!

Caroline said...

How awesome! I love how you've shown the importance of fellowship, too. Great post.

(Catching up late on last week's Faith Jam link ups!)


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