An eye to the future—Friday’s favorites

My list is not only favorites in this week, but stepping stones to more favorites in the future, Lord willing.

1. Meeting daughter’s future in-laws
We met Morgan, Fuller, and his parents for lunch last Saturday. Delightful folks. I can easily envision us sharing grandkids one day (but no time soon!). I’m thankful God is giving Morgan such loving in-laws.

2. Passports arrived

We received our passports Monday so now we are free to roam about the world. Or at least go to El Salvador this summer.

3. Immunizations begun
More El Salvador preparations. We started our rounds of shots this week virtually pain-free. Our nurse kept saying she was good. And she was!

4. Wedding checklist
I finally got brave and dumped my brain onto paper. I’d been carrying around too many wedding plans in my head. Now on paper, it’s still a little overwhelming, but I feel better anyway. And Morgan has really done most everything so far. Still. Breathe in; breathe out. One thing at a time, one thing at a time, right?

5. Final math test graded
math test
At least for this junior year. But perhaps forever? If Jenna dual enrolls in our local college for math next year, I will have NO math papers to grade. What will my brain think?

And may I add we have only four more school days to go!!! 
I’m not sure who is more excited—Jenna or me! God has been gracious to allow us to homeschool, but I praise him for the breaks we get from it too.

* * *

What has been a favorite of your week?


Michelle said...

Congrats on the upcoming marriage of your daughter. My daughter is a senior in high school but I know all too well that we will be planning that as well probably sooner than I would like. Enjoy the last few days of school, will you be out for spring break? We just had our spring break last week.
Have a blessed weekend.

Trisha said...

What an exciting time, Lisa! Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. You will make such a lovely mother-of-the-bride!

And only 4 more days of school? Wow! I'm envious. Enjoy every bit of your time off, my friend.

Christ's richest blessings upon you!

Barbara H. said...

What a neat list! Though, with boys, I missed planning a wedding, in some ways it was nice not to have the responsibility. I know God will help you all. It does help me to write things down, too.

Glad the in-laws are nice!

Glad the shots went as well as they could and that the passports arrived.

Are you finishing school for the year or just for spring break? Either way, have fun!

Faith said...

wow...a daughter getting married...that is great!! I can relate about the overwhelming feeling of so many things to do..i feel that way about my oldest daughter's graduation party....such a big deal where we live...soooo much work and planning!! but like you said, one thing at a time....
enjoy your week and your homeschooling break!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

I know...I love those breaks from school!

Wedding plans are so much fun. We have great in-laws, too, and it's a real blessing.

Enjoy your week!

Brenda said...

Four days of school! Wow, that's wonderful!

Marg said...

Congratulations in your up-coming wedding. It must be a very exciting time. I still have two daughters..and will continue to wait. What a blessing to have such wonderful future-in-laws.
Enjoy those passports and travelling the world.

Susanne said...

Wedding plans sound like a lot of work but so much fun.

Done school for the year already? My daughter would love that! LOL.

Karyn said...

I had so much fun planning my daughter's wedding! It is overwhelming at first, but once you get going, it'll be fun.

We are preparing for a trip as well - to Zambia - shots are all done, just a visit to the doc to renew my daily meds and get a script for the anti-malaria meds. Have fun planning your trip!

Your last math paper? Bittersweet.

I never thought I'd say I missed math - but sometimes I do. I've been tempted to pull out the Algebra 1 book and teach myself all over again.

Jen said...

Congratulations on the up coming wedding!
My kids would love to have 4 days of school left.
Have a wonderful week!

Willow said...

Oh, yeah. Been there, done that--the whole wedding planning thing--twice. Do you know what's the best thing? Marrying off a son! You don't have anything to do except keep your mouth shut and wear beige :)

Our Village is a Little Different said...

A daughter's wedding.. so much excitement, so much stress! I'll miss out on that, since i only have my boys, but what a special joy!

We are almost through with our curriculum for the year, but have the dreaded 180 day requirement, so I have unit studies, and lots of science stacked up. the boys are looking forward to much less math! even though they are good at it, they have a strange math phobia.

You're two steps closer to El Salvador.. that's great!!



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