You’re closer than you think

I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 3:14

When I sit on the swing by the lake, my dog Kandie can see me.
But because of her wireless fence, she can’t quite reach me.

So she stays nearby. With one eye open. Alert. Waiting for me to come close enough again to play.

And it pays off. When I begin walking back to the house, back within her range, she’s right there.

Because she kept guard, she gets petted and loved.

Kandie_waitingThere’s a certain range. When you’re close. But not quite there. The future is in sight, but still untouchable.

If you’re tired from the journey, you might let your guard down here.
To give up, give in, give out.
The job looks too hard, the temptation too frequent, the burden too heavy.

But the end is in sight. It always is with God.
When the road looks too long, it’s only an optical illusion.

God has equipped you with the right set of skills and experiences and relationships from your past to finish out your future. With Him by your side.

You never know when the prize will come right within reach.
When today will flip over into tomorrow.
When the present will invade the future. 

Only God holds that moment.

And he knows you’re closer to your future than you think.

Stay close by.Kandie_waits

* * *

What keeps you going when the prize seems just out of reach?

The one word at a time blog carnival is future.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Lisa,
Once again another wonderful God felt post from you!

Julie said...

Fantastic post....(HEART) the sweet...These words hit home for me today too....Future...It can be a word LOOMING in big letters on some days and yet that invisible barrier that presents the challenging questions...oh my. GOD IS in my future as much as HE is in my present....anchored....on that. Hugs to you Lisa..

Anne Lang Bundy said...

When the road looks too long, it’s only an optical illusion... you’re closer to your future than you think.

Oooo. I liked this. : )

Lisa notes... said...

I feel for you, friend. So much change in store for your FUTURE, but I pray it will be so enticing that it makes the work so worth it. I know you’ll be glad to be full-time with your sweetie.

I’m keeping you in prayer and also your brave Marine son in Libya. Thanking God for him and his companions!

Lynn Severance said...

Thanks, Lisa - how I needed this perspective you shared with us today.

HUGE hugs of appreciation!

Katie said...

I saw the answer to prayer that I have prayed for 11 1/2 years finally last week. What kept me going was the promise that God is there through it all with me.

A Joyful Noise said...

I liked what you said: "The future is in sight, but still untouchable." That is the way the invisable fence keeps us at bay. God is faithful and he will bring us into the future and reward us for waiting patiently or not so patiently as the case may be!

Alise said...

Oh, that's right on. Love this post and the thoughts.

Usually what keeps me going is knowing that there are people counting on me. And knowing that even if I stumble in the journey, I'm surrounded by love.

Glynn said...

Great wisdom here, Lisa. The future is always closer than you think.

Cris Ferreira said...

Lisa, very inspired and encouraging post. You spoke with wisdom and reminded me a few things... Thank you!


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