Let go or keep safe?

my_bunnyShe is my third-child born, my second-born to raise.
But not to keep.

How is a mama supposed to let go?
When her instincts scream keep safe?

My 16-yr-old (of less than 2 months, mind you) had high hopes.
To drive alone to grandma’s. One hour away. There. Back.

I knew it was a moment.

she drivesYou know the kind.
When you pause, look behind you, peer ahead. Hesitate.
Teeter between a momentous yes or no.

Let go or keep safe?

As if that is the choice.
Don’t we know it’s not?

If we don’t let go, they leave eventually anyway.
If we think we’re keeping safe, they’re at risk anyway. Anywhere, any time.
Sometimes the safest thing is to let go.

This time?

I decided yes.
Go. Safely.

She did. There. Back.

Another step toward independence for her.
Dependence for me. On God.

As we loosen our hands on them,
we grip tighter to God.

He’s safe. Go.  

* * *


Amy said...

I love your post. I too have a 16 year old driver. I know my job is to teach him to "fly" and he'll be safe with help from above.

Lisa notes... said...

Then you know exactly how I feel. I remember when my first daughter began driving and how it brought up new fears in me. I think I’m a *tad* better this time, but only a little. ;-) Learning to trust GOD is the biggest lesson I’m still trying to learn.

Barbara H. said...

"As we loosen our hands on them,
we grip tighter to God." Love this. Amen. We're on our third student driver.

Rhonda Schrock said...

I always say, "If you're not a prayer warrior before your kids start driving, you will be once they do!!"

I'm hearing you, mama. Boy Number Two is poised and ready...Mama's not.

Happy Wednesday, and happy spring,


Kris said...

it is so hard to 'let go' but I have found that when I do, and when I grab tight to HIM, life is so much more full, and the fear is gone ;-)

Brenda said...

What a sweet post. But it doesn't get easier when they pull out of your drive with grandkids in the back seat. I love your statement about gripping tighter to God.

Craig said...

You are in the beginnings of that let go time. It has to be so hard. I think you’ll never let go – you’re a mom. But you’ll have to hold on by thin string – and from more of a distance – not the hand on the shoulder. It’s a reflection of God – and us – and how he leads. Amen.

God Bless and keep you Lisa
May His face shine upon you…
and all of yours.


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