God’s energy

no energyWhen your electricity is off, do you still flip the light switch?

I did too many times to count last Friday morning. My electricity was off for about 4 hours, so for about, say, 4 hours, I’d periodically try to turn on a light in a closet or a room, only to be reminded immediately, “Duh!”

No matter how many times I flipped the switch, I never got light. Because it was getting no juice. Nothing was flowing through the wires to energize the bulb.

In the final three verses of Psalm 91, we see 8 promises of God’s energy.

He will do these eight:

  • Deliver us
  • Protect us
  • Answer us
  • Be with us in trouble
  • Rescue us
  • Honor us
  • Satisfy us with long life
  • Show us his salvation

If we will do these three:

  • Hold fast to him in love
  • Know his name
  • Call to him

It’s an unbelievable scenario. If we’ll just stay connected, he’ll shine the light.

I’m not saying God’s salvation is conditional on our works—it’s not. But I read that the more we trust him, the more blessings we’ll see. ...because he actually delights in our dependence and worship and requests.

It brings him glory to meet our needs.

When the connections are made, the energy flows.

Flip the switch and you’ll see: deliverance, protection, answers, companionship, rescue, honor, satisfaction, and salvation.

He is our light. And what a brilliant light he is!

* * *

What do you miss the most when your electricity goes out?


sarah said...

great analogy and your post is simliar to mine in a way. Thanks for this lesson in boosting faith...

Saleslady371 said...

Hi, Lisa:
You wrote this for me. I live in the country and lose power a few times every year! I do the light switch thing, too. I miss most being able to flush the toliet; we use a well.

Love your post and the simple outline of Ps. 91--a favorite!

Barbara H. said...

I do the same thing -- so maddening! And everything I can think of doing requires electricity. Great analogy.

Lisa notes... said...

Yes, our posts are similar. I appreciate what you shared on your blog about being in His presence. That is indeed where we find healing and rest and hope…

Lisa notes... said...

Ooh, not being able to flush the toilet without electricity could make for a long day. Ha. Glad you’ve found Ps 91 to be a favorite too. I’ve found it to be very rich in many ways.

Isn’t it funny how that happens? When I don’t have electricity, I suddenly need to use the microwave, look up something online, and of course on Friday—turn up the heat! Our snow is melting fast today; I guess yours probably is too.

micey said...

i actually only miss being able to connect with my internet friends... i love electric free living... thanks for stopping by my blog today. =)

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

I think turning the lights on are just one more thing that we take for granted.
Thank-you for this great post today.

Donnie said...

What a great mental image and helps to bring Go's words to life for me. Have a blessed day.

Trisha said...

Wonderful encouragement, Lisa! I love your words..."It brings Him glory to meet our needs." YES!! Oh, how little we trust and believe. Love and hugs!

Charlotte said...

What an interesting observation. I have flipped the switch many times when I knew there was no power, but I thought I'd try it anyway. Thank you for this reminder that we need to stay connected to the power.


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