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Bible memory in 2011
Want to memorize with a group? Take this challenge (I’m in!): 

Partnering to Remember:
The 2011 Philippians Memory Moleskine

Goal: Memorize all 4 chapters of Philippians by Easter Sunday. I’m still getting my notebook ready (doesn’t have to be a Moleskine, obviously).

You still have time to get the instructions and the printable pages.

I just added a “first letters” memory aid here if anyone wants to use it.


13 tips for sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions
by Gretchen Rubin at The Happiness Project.

  1. Be specific
  2. Write it down
  3. Review often
  4. (more here…)

You’re never going to get it done.
But be thankful for that. Why? 

8 Amazing Blogging Lessons from Albert Einstein
Well, lessons for anything.
Lesson 1 is Persevere—“It’s not that I’m smart; it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”
Read all eight.

Trade one big resolution for 10,000 little ones by Paul Tripp at Desiring God.

You and I live in little moments, and if God doesn't rule our little moments and doesn't work to recreate us in the middle of them, then there is no hope for us, because that is where you and I live.

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Craig said...

Lisa, I'm in on memorizing Philippians too. Like you - I'll do it without the official moleskin. That church is my favorite NT church.

I like your "letters".

And the 8 things - liked them too, but not as much as the letters.

God Bless and keep you and yours.

Becky said...

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for doing the first letter help aid; I wanted to do it and now you have done for me ! Thank you, I know you were thinking on me :)

Much love!

Lisa notes... said...

Craig and Becky,
Glad you both are memorizing Philippians also. I've never done a "mass memorization" before. Should be interesting. Yes, Becky, I did the letters just for you! :-)


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