Walk through the gap

uncle b We all got quiet last night. Uncle Bobby was praying.

It was a fine prayer. A meaningful prayer. It was time to eat our July family meal at Liz’s house.

But after Amen, I looked up through wet eyes to my older and younger sisters in the kitchen. They were crying, too.

We were remembering.

The last family meal at Liz’s house had been in November. Our father was sick then. He knew it. We knew it.

And he prayed before the meal. And he got choked up. So we did, too.

Last night, as we heard Uncle Bobby praying, we remembered our daddy praying in November.

We missed him. And my mom.

But we knew how pleased he would be that his baby brother had survived him and was walking us through the gap. Not trying to replicate the past or replace his position, but moving the family forward. Life goes on.

God goes on.
He moves His family forward.
He walks us through the gaps.

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What gap do you need to walk through?
God will walk you through it.

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Stephani said...

Is "limbo" the same as a gap? Because I feel like I'm in limbo right now, not completely sure which way to go. I'm looking for direction and beginning to think God wants me to wait right here for awhile. ~ Thanks for sharing your family with us.

Saleslady371 said...

We are walking through the gap of life after divorce in our family. Our daughter is hurting and we take turns visiting her and helping anyway we can. Prayers shared during this time is meaningful! We are all stretched to trust Him. And that's a good thing!

Virginia said...

What a touching beautiful family story. Thank you for sharing.
Sweet Blessings,

Dianna said...

Thank you, Lisa, for sharing this touching family moment with us. Your heart is so tender.

Charlotte said...

Thank you for sharing this personal family experience. Life does go on but we share loving and sometimes painful memories.


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