Wondrous Words Wednesday

Wondrous Words Wednesday @ BermudaOnionWhat new words have you learned this week?
Join Kathy to see more.

My three words this week came from The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.

1. errata

Definition—an error in printing or writing, especially such an error noted in a list of corrections and bound into a book

Use“This was another of the great errata of my life, which I should wish to correct if I were to live it over again.”

2. thwart

Definition—a seat across a boat, esp. one used by a rower

Use“So he swore he would make me row, or throw me overboard; and coming along, stepping on the thwarts, toward me, when he came up and struck at me, I clapped my hand under his crutch, and, rising, pitched him head-foremost into the river.”

3. conveyancer

Definition—a lawyer who specializes in the business of conveying (transferring ownership) to properties

Use“The two first were clerks to an eminent scrivener or conveyancer in the town, Charles Brogden; the other was clerk to a merchant.”


bermudaonion said...

Great words! I guessed errata from the sentence you provided. I can probably use that one too! Thanks for participating, Lisa!

Mo said...

I like 'errata', as well; Great word to say, and an easy one to slip into conversation!

Hope you have a great week, without the errata of regrets! ;-)

Anonymous said...

All three of your words are new to me!

Here are my words for the week...

Margot at Joyfully Retired said...

I like your words this week. That was a new use for thwart but is probably the origin of the one I know. I've used thwart when I mean to stop or cross something, such as "He tried to thwart the progress of the new president."


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